Be Aib- Episode 7 & 8 Two Aibs are better than one…

I find it amusing how these supposedly grown up people- Taimoor and Tooba who were engaged to be married are controlled by their parents like little, misbehaving children. Sadaf thinks she’s won the golden ticket by convincing the uber rich Fawad to agree to a huge haq Meher and not once did she wonder why this guy has come all by himself to get married and wants to expedite the wedding. Tooba sounds like a little lamb every time she belches “Maamaaa” and Fawad has developed a strong liking for her even though she’s not uttered a single word yet. Hasn’t he even considered the possibility that she may not be interested? Or that she is mute? Or is suffering from some psychological trauma that prevents her from social interactions?He came to the conclusion that she has no personality and he can’t tolerate Sadaf so why would he pursue someone who lacks a personality? What sort of a marriage is he hoping for?

Taimoor needs to tone down the melodrama- this dude has an accident and is still alive. Surely there’s got to be a silver lining visible somewhere. Instead, he’s constantly moping and sulking hoping Nurse Tooba will help his recovery. Instead, he finds himself under the care of Nurse Inaaya who is more than keen to prove her abilities as a caretaker/ wife/ therapist/ friend… Facing rejection from Sadaf, his parents decide that the ultimate solution for his misery and depression is a rushed wedding with Inaaya! Because marriage is the cure for everything.

I might be mistaken but there was a scene where Inaya’s face was scar- free. Was that a mistake or did she finally figure out how to use a concealer? I don’t get who’s responsible for styling these characters. Inaaya hasn’t worn a single outfit that passes as ironed! For someone who’s self- conscious, couldn’t the make- up artist figure out how to conceal her birthmark? Or couldn’t she wear a scarf? And what happened to all the clothes Shahana Phuppo bought for her new bahu? Coz she simply woke up looking like she does everyday.

Then we have Sadaf and her outrageous saris. And Tooba and her unkempt hair and uneven liner… You’d think someone who fancies herself to be a perfectionist would run a comb through her daughter’s hair!

I’m aching to know Ahmed’s success story- he went on a student visa, found work almost immediately and a fancy shmancy apartment and now he’s setting up his business? Did he find a magic lamp while he was down in the dumps crying over Tooba?

Aisha and Sadaf are more alike than they realize. Aisha is a poor man’s Sadaf. Both of these women are obsessed with money and that seems to be the only criteria they consider when choosing a partner for their children.

It’s one thing that the story is predictable but it’s another for the dialogues to sound repetitive. Many times even when a drama might not have something extraordinary to offer, the dialogues catch my attention. Here, the dialogues are a complete letdown- not that anything else isn’t! The choppy editing, weak script, mediocre acting, and substandard direction all contribute to a very disappointing drama. Despite the pace, there’s just not enough substance to keep viewers attention.

What do you think?

Kanwal Murtaza


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