Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 11- Mercury Rising

Dumpukht continues to remain engaging and keeps my interest intact. With the wedding looming over their heads, Kulchu is crippled with fear- Tahira’s lack of acceptance has brought out the worst in her character and the latest victim of her wrath happens to be Rabia. A simple offer to help with the wedding preps caused an ugly confrontation and a very unnecessary showdown. It seems like no one has any power over Tahira- she is unaffected with the knowledge that this wedding is being blessed by her Murshid Saeein. She’s certain that this is all part of a greater conspiracy to bring her downfall although the lives she’s hell bent on ruining are the ones who she should be most concerned about! Asma Abbas has successfully made me hate her with all my heart. She played a ruthless character in Janam Jali and at that time I thought she was the worst character on screen but she seems to have outdone herself by playing Tahira with such passion.

Bilal has been elevated from the status of bhanghi to a treasurer. Since Wali is Habibullah’s wingman, this is a cleverly conceived ploy to trap him and ultimately remove him from the equation. Wali has secured Habibullah’s trust and is now manipulating him by pushing him towards Kulsoom. Sensing some hesitation on his part, Wali suggests that Habibullah needs an heir since he doesn’t have a successor… Iss rishtey se apko gaddi mili hai lekin iss gaddi ka waris nahin Mila…
Jab woh dekhengay ke unka apna peer banjar hai toh woh haryali mangey kyun ayengay… Although Habibullah seems apprehensive initially, the reminder that he’s childless makes him determined to seek Kulsoom- Mohabbat Ki Jung mein Sab Kuch jayiz hosakta hai… Lekin halaal aur haraam Ki tameez nahyin mitsakti…

I was surprised to see Bibi’s reaction to Habibullah’s khwaish– it’s the first time I saw her appear vulnerable. Despite the power and authority, Bibi is a woman who longs to become a mother. Are her taunts merely an attempt at covering her emptiness?

It seems Habibullah is still in touch with his ex Beena? And this is something Bibi is completely aware of. I’m curious to find out about Beena- she’s married and has a child now but somehow she manages to stay in touch with Habibullah ? Or does he have these conversations in his head? If he’s still in love with Beena while being married to Bibi, why is he pursuing Kulsoom when he knows she’s not the woman he loves but rather his muse. Habibullah had been fascinated by Kulsoom, and is now obsessing over her but does he really think he’ll be happy with her?

Habibullah has set the wedding date but the way things are shaping up, it doesn’t seem like Billu and Kulchu are destined to meet. How will Habibullah convince Bibi to accept Kulsoom as her sautan? How will Bibi adapt to these changes? And how will Kulchu agree to this Union? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Kanwal Murtaza


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