Beautiful Sisters of Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani actresses are blessed with wonderful families who are always by their side. A sister is a special blessing, a friend who is irreplaceable. While not all Pakistani actresses have sisters, some of them are blessed with the most beautiful sisters. These Pakistani actresses very often post pictures with their sisters in which they are seen spending quality time.

Here is a list of beautiful Pakistani actresses with their sisters who are equally stunning.

Sanam Jung Sisters

Sanam Jung has two sisters, Anum Jung and Amna Jung. Sanam Jung loves travelling with her sisters. They are not only her friend but also her support system. Whenever Sanam Jung posts a picture with her sisters, there is always a caption with it which shows just how special Sanam’s sisters are to her.

sanam jung sister

sanam jung sisters
sanam jung sisters1
sanam jung sisters2
sanam jung3
sanam jung4

Noor Bukhari Sister

Noor Bukhari has only one sister, Faria Bukhari. Noor Bukhari’s sister too has been part of the showbiz industry but she has not been as popular as Noor. Noor and her sister’s strong bond is evident from these pictures. Whether they are out having fun or experiencing something spiritual, these sisters always stick together.

noor bukhari sister

noor bukhari sister1
noor sister8
noor sister9

Armeena Rana Khan sister

Armeena Rana Khan’s beautiful sister Minahil looks so much like her. The sisters love posing for selfies and Armeena Rana Khan very often posts on social media just how much she misses her sister when they are not together. They have the same eyes and some people even wonder if they are twins.

armeena raha sister

armeena sister
armeena sister2
armeena sister3

Hania Aamir Sister

Hania Aamir only has one sister who is 5 years younger than her. Hania Aamir rarely ever posts pictures with her family but in an interview she revealed that she is really close to her sister and mother. In an interview she also said that she thinks her sister is much more attractive than her. Hania Aamir is so close to her sister that if she is upset with her, she cannot be at ease knowing that.

hania aamir sister

hania aamir sister1
hania aamir sister2

Iqra Aziz Sister

Iqra Aziz’s sister’s name is Sidra Aziz. She has lived in Malaysia for a really long time all on her own which made her more practical and smart in worldly ways. Sidra Aziz is doing her Masters from a German University. In 2017 she went through a bad break up and it took her an entire year to get her life back together. Iqra Aziz believes that no matter what you achieve, if you don’t have your family by your side, it is all useless.

iqra aziz sister

iqra aziz sister1
iqra aziz sister2
Iqra Aziz sister1 1

Nimra Khan Sister

Nimra Khan’s sister is much younger than her. Her name is Bakhtawar Khan. Bakhtawar already has her own instagram page and has done modeling shoots with her celebrity sister. Nimra Khan loves twinning with her sister. Their pictures are the cutest.

nimra khan sister1

nimra khan sister2
nimra khan sister3

Nida Yasir Sisters

Nida Yasir has two sisters Sawera Pasha and Sina Pasha. Sawera Pasha is also a host but she is not as popular as her sister Nida Yasir. Nida Yasir invited both her sisters on her birthday special morning show. Here is a lovely picture of all the three sisters together.

nida yasir sister

nida yasir sister1

Yumna Zaidi Sisters

Yumna Zaidi is a well-known actress who is loved by many Pakistani drama fans. Yumna Zaidi has two beautiful sisters who are older than her. Both of Yumna’s sisters are married. In a few shows early on in her career, Yumna Zaidi also brought her sisters with her. These sisters have a definite connection which is priceless.

yumna siste

yumna sister7
yumna sisters
yumna zaidi
yumna zaidi sisters

Mathira Sister

Mathira has acted in a few dramas. She is known for her modeling more than for her acting. Her sister Rose Muhammad also acted in a film and has been seen in some commercials. Both these sisters have also given several interviews together. They are seen hanging out together often. They are definitely best friends.

mathira 2

mathira 4
mathira 5
mathira sister

Naimal Khawar Sister

Naimal Khawar only has two projects to her credit but she has an unprecedented fan following. Naimal Khawar’s sister Fiza Khawar is not just exceptionally pretty but she is also a lawyer and a human rights researcher. Naimal and Fiza share a special bond.

naimal sis

naimal khan sister
naimal khawar khan
naimal khawar sister
naimal sister

Saba Qamar Sister

Saba Qamar’s sister is completely different from her. She is someone who has been a big support for Saba Qamar through the years but she does not like being in front of the camera. Saba Qamar usually does not post pictures with her sister because her sister does not like it but here is one picture which shows the sweet bond between them.

saba qamar sister

Sana Javed Sister

Sana Javed’s sister Hina Javed lately got attention when she starred in the popular drama serial Mere Pass Tum Ho. Many people were wondering who this new actress was and soon it was revealed that she was in fact Sana Javed’s sister. Sana Javed has never posted pictures with her sister Hina Javed but the sisters have a resemblance for sure.

sana javed sister

sana javed sister2
sana javed sister3
sana javed sister8

Sumbul Iqbal Sister

Sumbul Iqbal’s sister Kompal Iqbal is also an actress and a model but she is not as famous as Sumbul is. Both the sisters love posing for the camera. They make sure that they post a lot of pictures together, something their fans look forward to.

sumbal iqbal sister

sumbal iqbal sister3
sumbul iqbal sister1
sumbul iqbal sister2

Pakistani Celebrity Sisters

There are also those Pakistani actresses who are sisters and are more or less equally popular. These celebrity sisters also are known for their special relationship with each other as they are for their work.

Aiman Muneeb and Minal Khan

Aiman and Minal are one of the most famous celebrity sisters. Both the sisters started working together and they enjoy spending time with each other. Aiman and Minal also started their own clothing line. They are the only popular twin sisters of the drama industry.

Aiman Minal2

Aiman Minal3
Aiman Minal2 1

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

Arisha Razi and Sarah Razi are both equally popular. They have been part of showbiz ever since they were kids. Arisha and Sarah also share a special relationship. They go on holidays together and are each others best friends.

arisha razi 5

Arisha Razi 7

arisha and sarah 39

Sarah Khan and Noor Khan

Sarah Khan and Noor Khan are relatively new in the industry but they are among the most famous celebrity sisters. Both of them have their unique style and people love watching them on screen.

noor khan 1

sarah khan 2

Sarah Khan 1

Syra Yusef and Alishba Yusef

Syra Yusef and Alishba Yusef have done selected work but they have their own standing. Just like all the other sisters in this list, these two celebrity sisters are also really close to each other.

syra alishba

syra alishba2
syra alishba3

Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly

Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly too are the most famous celebrity sisters in the industry. Sajal and Saboor both have their own acting styles which the viewers like. Sajal Aly is more versatile and now Saboor too is experimenting with different roles.

saboor 1


sajal and saboor

Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani

Sanam Baloch has worked in many projects which were quite popular. Although Sabreen Hisbani has not been part of as many projects as Sanam Baloch but the viewers look forward to her projects.

sabreen hisbani

sanam baloch
sanam baloch sister

Marwa Hocane and Urwa Hocane

Mawra and Urwa too are the most popular celebrity sisters who have made a big name for themselves over the years. They have also started their own businesses which goes to show that they are not only talented but also intelligent.

Urwa Mawra 4

Urwa Mawra

mawra hocane urwa hocane

Humaima Malick and Dua Malick

Humaima and Dua Malick are sisters and friends. Both of them are extremely popular and confident women. They have always been there for each other and have helped each other get where they are today.


Humaima Malick Sings For Bollywood Producer On His Birthday 1

Humaima Malick Sings For Bollywood Producer On His Birthday 12

humaima 1


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