Bela Pur Ki Dayan Episode 19 Review – The Horrifying Secret Is Out

This was the second last episode of Bela Pur Ki Dayan which means that we can finally stop speculating and wondering whether what we are being shown is true or not and believe Rehmat’s version of the story. The turn of events tonight right from the beginning promised a development in the story which was bound to be dark. Aziz’s mother finally made an appearance after so many weeks which made me wonder why she didn’t stop Neelo when she killed Sikandar. Aziz’s plan didn’t go according to his wishes and everything that happened was more in line with Neelo’s character. Aziz’s plan didn’t work and now because of him Tasha is in critical condition. After watching this episode, Neelo’s anger seems justified and Aziz’s strange behavior makes a lot of sense too. Rameez knows the truth about his father now and it is highly likely that he will inform the police. The scene in the jail was horrifying and directed brilliantly.

The flashback scenes were the highlight of this episode since they revealed what actually happened. When Aziz told his version of the story, he blamed everyone else in the house for overburdening his mother with house chores as a result of which she slipped and died. Although, it wasn’t Aziz’s fault that his mother had this accident but the way he twisted the truth went to show he had absolutely no remorse for anything and he was blatantly lying to make himself look like the victim. Even after his mother’s death, he became more violent and the fact that he fought so hard to get hold of this house goes to show he isn’t only greedy but also extremely dangerous. I always thought that Aziz must have hired people to kill his family members although even that was really difficult to imagine. Now knowing the fact that he killed all these people single-handedly is sickening and makes me wonder why Neelo waited so long to take revenge! The truth definitely is way more terrifying then one could have imagined but it is convincing since Aziz’s version of the story never made sense.

This was one of the most terrifying yet satisfying episodes of Bela Pur Ki Dayan. This was the episode we had all been waiting for and I am glad that the drama is going to end next week. I am looking forward to an ending which is equally convincing since this isn’t the kind of drama which could possibly have a happy ending. The preview of the next episode didn’t reveal much but for the first time all the primary characters in the play were together while Neelo threatened to kill Rameez’s son. Will Tasha survive? And most importantly will Aziz pay for his heinous crimes? That will be the only way Neelo can finally rest in peace.

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Fatima Awan

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