Besharam – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam, like all the previous episodes was quite interesting too. Finally, we got to see how Haider & Mishal started to behave like normal couples & started to have normal conversations with each other & we were also told what sort of feelings Haider has for Mishal & how Mishal has started to see the positivity in Haider’s attitude, which made me smile throughout this episode because everything related to this duo was amazing & sweet.

Zaman Amir finally told the reasons why he came in contact with Haider. He wanted Haider to divorce Mishal so that the CM could get married to her because according to them, Haider wasn’t suitable for Mishal as he didn’t have to the social status that Mishal had. Haider might not have confessed yet but his possessiveness for Mishal sheds a light on the intense love he feels for his wife, that is why despite telling Zaman Amir off sternly with finality, he was finding it hard to absorb everything that he heard. Before getting married to Mishal, Haider never ever imagined that their marriage would attract such people too where they will test his patience so badly.

It was good to see Mishal taking interest in the family matters of Haider & trying to help the situation. The moment Haider approached Mishal was when I thought that he will tell her off again but it was good to see that he gave Mishal a chance to speak & share her say too. Haider knows that Mishal is opinionated & rightly so, that is why he doesn’t mind her sharing her thoughts but yes, right now he does understand that his mother hasn’t shown a full fledged acceptance to Mishal that is why he told her to not speak about Humna & Qadeer’s scenario as Khadija is quite sensitive about that topic, which was quite wise of Haider I believe.

Haider has started to understand that his wife has some needs too & even though she is independent, doesn’t mean that he can relax & let her fend for herself. The promise that Haider made to Mishal about fulfilling all the duties & responsibilities he had towards her as a husband was actually quite sweet & that is why, Mishal started to see the niceness in him & she has started to develop a faith that her decision of marrying Haider wasn’t wrong. It is actually quite nice that even though most of the time it is Haider who does the talking & gives instructions to Mishal, but when she speaks up for herself, he allows her to speak & doesn’t cut her words short. It actually shows how Haider also knows where to draw a line by understanding that a girl like Mishal will have an opinion & she is allowed to speak up too.

The highlight of this entire episode for me was the conversation that Haider had with Khadija where he tried to make her understand how she can bring a change she wants to see in Mishal by being patient & soft-spoken with her, & that too when Mishal could hear everything that her husband was saying about her to his mother. It was an absolute treat & yes, we need more husbands like Haider in our dramas who know how to maintain a balance between their mothers & wives & who can be authoritative while also knowing how to be accommodating as well. I was actually quite happy to know that Mishal heard everything that Haider said because she knows that she’s already putting in a lot of effort, but finally she got to know that Haider acknowledges everything & doesn’t mind giving her the time she needs to adjust to his lifestyle completely. That was an awww wala moment!!!

Well, sadly, Haider’s refusal landed himself in deep trouble & looks like the CM sent his goons to teach Haider a lesson. Everyone found out & it was sad to know that Khajida once again blamed Mishal for everything. I wish Haider’s friend in stead of only taking Mishal’s name had told the complete story of what Zaman Amir said about CM’s intentions of marrying Mishal, at least that way Khadija would’ve understood that Haider took a stand for his wife so then she wouldn’t have blamed Mishal unnecessarily.

Ummm, not much thrilled about Saba & her scenes though but I am afraid that everything that she’ll do will only bring a bad name to Mishal because Saba’s family will straight away accuse her of being a bad influence on Saba & it won’t take everyone much time to judge Mishal because everyone has seen how Saba has been spending so much time with her. Everything that happened on Sara’s side wasn’t interesting as well. Sara’s now coming across as a spoiled brat who thinks she can rule anyone & everyone, but it is good to know that Mishal isn’t going to fall prey to her tactics. Mishal knows that the only thing that Sara’s concerned about is money, so she gave her what she wanted. It was good to know that at least Sofia had some compassion for her younger sister but she is helpless too as she can not overrule her mother’s orders & can’t stand up for the right like Mishal used to. The tiff between Wahab & Haider was done nicely too, Wahab is funny & what not but he was actually crossing the line & it was good to see that Haider set him straight. I hope Wahab doesn’t take everything seriously & doesn’t turn it into an ego issue because then he will also push Sara’s agenda of parting Mishal with Haider, which will make his character look negative & I don’t want that to happen.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting. I can’t wait for the next episode already. It is so amazing that 10 episodes have gone by & our interest is further developing in the story because each & every episode leaves us asking for more. All the actors have done a brilliant job & I love Saba Qamar’s candidness as Mishal. Zahid Ahmed is phenomenal as Haider as well & to see them both together in such brilliant roles is a treat in itself. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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