Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar was slow but the transition that it showed related to Haadi’s feelings made up for it. Everything that Haadi was going through was covered brilliantly & it actually took a few dialogues & a few expressions to elaborate, which sheds a light on the fact that it was a result of an intelligent writing, where the writer has a know-how of how to translate the emotions on-screen perfectly.

Haadi is in denial, that is why he is mistaking Mahnoor’s selfishness to be her love. In the initial part of the episode, where Mahnoor informed Haadi about the proposal she got for a temporary marriage, it disturbed Haadi & that is why he went straight to Uzma to tell her what he was feeling but I was actually taken aback with how Haadi defended Mahnoor in front of Uzma saying that she loves him a lot & has started to be considerate of his feelings. Haadi really needs to make up his mind & stop bothering Uzma. For the first time, I liked how Uzma stood firm on her decision & didn’t melt away after seeing Haadi in a predicament. Uzma has decided that he has to go & she is making sure to let him know that no matter what happens or no matter what he is going through, he has to leave & I think this is in the best interest of Uzma because Haadi has stopped being courteous to her, that is why he just shows up at her door step with his emotional luggage expecting her to console him, without even giving thinking for a second that of all that might make Uzma uncomfortable too.

Even though I loved seeing Waqar in that condition, I am not sure if the way everything that happened was established properly or not. Mehtab Deswali & his son fled & now when Gaiti’s brother has returned, he has thrown Waqar out of Gaiti’s life, so if he was so concerned, why wasn’t he in contact with his sister throughout & what has made him turn against Waqar so much? I don’t really understand how both the father & the brother gave Gaiti such a freehand to spend a lot of time with Waqar because in such families, they always have such servants whose families have been serving them for generations, so I guess it would’ve made much more sense if they had shown that along with Waqar, Mehtab made some more loyal & responsible servant of his in-charge of Gaiti’s activities too in order to protect her from landing herself in trouble, especially when it was the first time that she was going to be in Umarkot to contest in the elections.

Mahnoor has crossed all the boundaries of humility but I am not sure if she understands what this temporary marriage with her boss actually means because when she heard her boss hitting on her shamelessly, she became frazzled, so I am not sure if she actually understands the intentions of her boss because if she doesn’t, it wouldn’t make much sense because being immature is one thing, being stupid is another & I don’t think a girl who can gamble with her life so casually can be so stupid to not understand that her boss is not doing a favor on her for free & he is expecting her dignity in return. Well, it was good to know that at least Mahnoor understood that everything was going to be hard on Haadi, that is why she told him that she’ll get back in contact with him after she will get divorced.

Haadi was trying hard to control himself & he was holding onto the last bit of courage he had in him to grasp what Mahnoor was saying but then he just lost it & realized that all this was too hard on him but then again, I don’t really feel much for him because he himself is allowing Mahnoor to do this to him. I actually laughed when Uzma suggested him to take a sleeping pill & rest because even she could see that he wasn’t being himself & he wasn’t in his senses because all that Mahnoor said to him was so much for him to bear that he couldn’t cope up with it. I must say, the transition of Haadi’s feelings from someone who was trying hard to be strong to someone who couldn’t understand what was happening, was shown brilliantly.

Haadi has moved out of Uzma’s place & we saw a new entry too. Not sure if the new entry is going to play an important role or what because honestly speaking, she got introduced in the drama quite late so I really don’t want to see the focus of the story shifting to something that doesn’t hold much importance anyways because right now I am actually looking forward to the ending because the pace of the drama has become quite slow & it is becoming hard to keep my interest alive in the show.

The preview of the next episode didn’t promise much too, so I am dreading that it will be another one of those slow episodes too. I guess it’s a high time that this drama should be wrapped up because all the lessons have been conveyed & all there’s left in it to be seen is the ending that all the characters will get. I really hope that Mahnoor suffers & lives her life in a regret & I hope that Uzma finds her happy ending. I am not sure what to make of Haadi’s character because the way he is encouraging Mahnoor’s wrongdoing in a hope to win her back doesn’t allow me to sympathize with him but having said that, I will admit that Zahid Ahmed has acted brilliantly as Haadi & in this episode in particular, he conveyed his feelings perfectly. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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