Besharam – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam was amaaaaaazing. I loved the note at which it began & like I always say, the note at which it ended left me looking forward to what is yet to come. I am really glad that the writer came up with such a brilliant script but what makes me even happier is the way the director has executed it. Everything in this drama, be it dialogues, acting, scenes, characters, situations, direction & editing is on-point & you just can’t fault it.

Haider actually has started expecting more from Mishail, that is why when she showed up a bit late, he was disappointed. It’s not that he wants her to serve him but it was just a longing that he felt for her presence around him. I love how they both come clean in every single situation, Mishail didn’t think twice before telling him the truth that she wanted to come earlier but it was his mother who didn’t allow that to happen & also she told him about what she heard his mother saying. Haider knows that Mishi is putting up with a lot & for that, he feels thankful & burdened at the same time too because he knows that Mishi doesn’t deserve this but the way she copes up with everything actually shows her determination of making this marriage work.

Haider heard when Mishail spoke to her mother on the phone, that is why, that conversation forced him to say what he didn’t want to. Despite all the efforts that Mishi is making, Haider feels that she is not made for this & he doesn’t understand why she is settling for the life Haider has offered her so far, that is why after thinking things through, he told Mishail to return to her home, her lifestyle where things won’t be so hard on her. The way the writer has developed the understanding between these characters is amazing, it’s like even though they both don’t really talk much, they know exactly what their shortcomings are & what the other person might be feeling or going through because of that.

I am glad that Mishail showed up at the right time & rescued Saba from the evil intentions of that photographer but what made me furious was the way Saba lied in front of her father to save her sorry being. I knew she will stir some trouble for Mishail & that is going to happen now because Sikandar will barge into Khadija’s home with a bag full of accusations on Mishail for being a bad influence on his daughter. If only parents of girls like these would think of taming their own spoiled children before being judgmental about others & blaming them too. I really hope when Sikandar shows up, Mishail is present at that point but I think Mishail will be with her mother & sadly, Sikandar will get to spew the venom against her.

It is actually nice to see how Humna has started showing acceptance towards Mishail & not only that, she has also started acknowledging the fact that Mishail is now their family member & she is Haider’s wife. I know Khadija does sound unreasonable at times but it is good how she often notices the gestures that Mishail does, it makes her reactions seem natural & I am sure it won’t be too long when she will wholeheartedly accept Mishail as a part of her family. I liked how despite knowing that Khadija didn’t want Mishail to be in the hospital, Mishail took charge of the situation, arranged a ride for Humna & Khadija & also decided to stay back with Haider, it would’ve made Khadija realize that Mishail is serious about this relationship & she is not mucking around!

Sophie & Sara’s scenes were fillers & I most certainly don’t mind that but I was surprised when Mishail decided to show up at Sara’s place & not only that, she agreed for an overnight stay too, especially when she knew that Haider might need her. I think this was the time when Mishail should’ve been with Haider as they both could’ve put this time to good use to understand each other even better but not sure how Haider will react to this. It was actually quite nice to see how Haider was regretting what he said to Mishail about leaving & he also knew that if he keeps on insisting, she might actually leave!!!

Overall, this episode was amazing & I am definitely looking forward to more. I must say, Saba Qamar looks absolutely pretty & it is good to see how she has polished herself over these years. I think the makeup artists have done a wonderful job too where they glam her up but keep her look a tad bit natural too. I must say what I love the most about this drama is the way the relationship of Mishail & Haider is developing. All these years when I watched the dramas & saw misunderstandings developing between the couples due to communication gap, I would always think why the characters don’t convey their feelings & cover the events in their words properly, so, I am relieved to see that Mishail & Haider have everything apart from communication gap which is a bonus. I actually feel a sense of relief when I see both of them conversing with each other with honesty & clarity, because it doesn’t leave a room for a misunderstanding to develop. I thank the writer for giving us such amazing characters that are all about honesty & make the straight-forward people look good! Also, I must will thank the director for adding that touch of reality in all the situations because it makes us connect to everything immediately, like the comment that Sikandar passed about Shakira wearing a Lehanga on her way to hospital & also the way Haider looked at Muneer trying to tell him that he only wanted to be with Mishail, these little things somehow complete the situations & make them seem very real, which I love. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Besharam. :)

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