Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 19!

Ohkay so, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar was good. It showed some developments but I feel it’s about time that they should move the story forward at a good pace & reach to the conclusion soon because a few of the situations have started to seem repetitive & don’t really contribute in the progress of the story.

Uzma was definitely having a hard time after Haadi left because she has gotten used to the idea of having him around. When she entered his room, she got overwhelmed because everything in that room reminded her of him. Even Ikhtiyaar Sahab felt the void that came along Haadi’s departure. Ikhtiyaar Sahab actually knows the reason why Uzma took this decision & he respects that, which is actually good to see. A father like Ikhtiyaar is a rarity too because when he learned that Uzma liked Haadi, he gave her his consent but when he understood that the emotional havoc in Haadi’s life was affecting Uzma, he allowed her to do what she deemed fit. I like the confidence Ikhtiyaar Sahab has in his daughter because he trusts her & more than that, he has a complete faith in his wife’s upbringing.

I am not sure if I understood Aneesa this time around. She is well aware of how everything that Mahnoor is doing will haunt Haadi in the future, but she has decided to go with the flow & let Mahnoor take charge of the situation. I think for once, in stead of being a mother of Mahnoor, Aneesa should’ve thought about Haadi as his aunt. Yes, she did try to make him cautious of what he might feel in the future but the way she showed her Mahnoor’s jewelry & the wrist watch that she had bought for him made me feel that unwillingly & unconsciously, she was pressurizing Haadi to accept Mahnoor no matter what. I do like her character a lot & I like her profound thoughts & sayings, but I am not sure if her approach of becoming a mere spectator in this entire situation is right.

Just when I think that Mahnoor can’t surprise me more, she hits a new low & stoops to a lower level. Mahnoor’s candidness with her boss actually made me feel disgusted. For the first time, I strongly felt that Mahnoor was mentally sick because no girl can be so shameless & selfish. She was over the moon with the amount her boss paid for the things she bought in one go & even before getting married & divorced, she was concerned if she’ll have to return those gifts to him. The way Mahnoor seemed happy & content with everything that her boss had planned for them made me dislike her even more because more than him, she seemed to be in a hurry of getting married to him as she was definitely ecstatic about the flight that she had to catch. Seriously, I think I will run out of words while describing her character & I don’t think anything that she will go through will make me feel for her. Mahnoor’s character has started to irritate me I it will be harder to review her bits in the episodes to come!

Gaiti has won the elections & Mehtab has returned. His thoughts about education & power showed how our politicians only believe in ruling the people without empowering themselves with the education first. Gaiti is different but I am not sure if she’ll be able to abide by her principles under Mehtab’s supervision because obviously, Mehtab will treat Gaiti as just a face of his party but he will make sure that in the end, he is the one who does the decision making!

Haadi went to Uzma again like a loser. What was Haadi expecting? Everything will be fun & games & Mahnoor will come back to him & they will start living in some lala-land? Why was he so surprised that he was actually feeling a pain. I liked how just in one sentence Uzma told him what he should do. He claims to love Mahnoor with all his heart, so she told him to let his heart guide him the next time because it is his heart that is forcing him to put up with everything that Mahnoor is throwing at him & he doesn’t deserve any sympathy because he is responsible for putting himself in this situation. I must say, over the time I have developed a liking for Uzma’s character because she is a girl who has a character & more than that, has a control over her mind & heart.

Well, the episode ended at a perfect note. Mahnoor got what she deserved & I hope this is not the end of it. She needs a reality check & she needs a lot of it to wake up & smell the coffee that not everything revolves around her & she is not going to be the center of everyone’s universe. Haadi might be a loser but the others have some spine to save what belongs to them & not everyone is going to allow her to play with their lives. Waqar made the entry at the right time & I guess now Mahnoor will forget everything about Haadi & her love for him & will happily get married to Waqar, but I really hope it’s not the end of her sufferings!!! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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