Besharam Episode 20 – Sheer Brilliance!

Ohkay so, another week & another brilliant episode of Besharam. I must thank the writer for balancing everything so nicely in this drama. All the characters that started off with some negativity have now changed because the times have changed. What I love the most about this drama is that the writer didn’t make all the characters purely black & white, in stead she kept them very realistic & showed their transition as their circumstances changed, which is commendable & shows the intelligence of the writer here!

Wahab Sunyara got a lot of screen time in this episode & I thoroughly enjoyed watching him. Malik Raza has really given a new dimension to this character & I don’t think any other actor would’ve done justice to this character like he has. Wahab’s character needed to look as realistic as possible without looking OTT & Malik Raza has done exactly just that, for which I appreciate his phenomenal acting. Wahab doesn’t leave an opportunity to let his in-laws know who he is & what he is capable of. I also love the fact that Wahab calls himself paindu but he endorses that label as a badge of honor because he is honest & he has achieved so much in life that he just doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone & if there’s one thing he doesn’t understand, that is superficiality because Wahab himself is one original piece & I truly respect his originality!

Isn’t it amazing that the writer has shown us such an amazing couple that discusses each & every single detail with each other? Now that Haider’s political career is in full swing, Mishi is feeling a little guilty because she knows that people will be using her name to bring Haider down. I loved the fact that Mishi & Haider, both are at such a comfort level with each other that they don’t mind sharing their insecurities. Mishi felt that may be one day Haider will give up & he will get tired of hearing the same thing again & again he will be done explaining himself, that is why she straight away told him what she was going through. Haider on the other hand also had this insecurity that may be, Mishi will get tired of Haider’s lifestyle & his values, for which she might also leave, but it was such a beautiful thing to see that two people who were feeling a little insecure assured each other that they were going to stay. Haider has already changed & he has started to deal with the insults with a lot more maturity because he knows that this is what people are going to use against him, so in stead of reacting, he has to learn to give them a shutup call!

Manan has already proposed to Humna & it seems that Humna will agree, I am sure Mishi will convince her so yes, the marriage of Humna & Manan is on cards. I like the fact that even though Manan is young, he is independent & he can make such decisions by himself. He liked Humna, so he decided to get married to her & he didn’t care what his mother will think despite knowing exactly what opinion Sara holds about Haider’s entire family.

Well, Qadeer’s girlfriend made an appearance & just an interaction with her was enough for Sikandar & Shakira to know that they were not only wrong in judging Mishi but they also made a huge mistake by calling Humna & Qadeer’s engagement off. This is the main reason why I never really disliked Sikandar & Shakira because they were a very realistic portrayal of those very typical & judgmental relatives who don’t hold back in judging people wrongly & who always take pride in their upbringing. Sikandar & Shakira were just a couple of misapprehended people who thought that their kids were free of faults & they had a full control on destiny but now when things have started to unravel, they don’t mind admitting their mistakes. I think this quality makes them look very genuine that in the past when they didn’t stop from misjudging Khadija’s family, now in the present they are not stopping themselves from accepting their faults as well.

Even though I am excited to see how Haider will make a name for himself in the field of politics, I really hope that Asfand doesn’t exploit Haider’s zest & passion for his personal benefits. Haider’s association with Asfand’s party has already strengthened it a great deal, but somehow the way Asfand used the monetary incentive to divert Haider’s attention made me a little suspicious of his motives. Even though Asfand has guided Haider in the right direction so far, it looks like now he is also ready to use Mishal’s name to cause a dent in CM’s reputation & that is the main reason why he is giving a free-hand to Haider & has given him so much of authority already. I really hope that like all the previous speculations, the writer proves us wrong & shows that Asfand’s intentions were never to use Haider & he is an honest politician who only believes in truth & honesty, but this is what I felt & I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us when it comes to Haider’s political career.

This entire episode was beautiful. I love love love the acting of all the actors & the direction of this drama. The story is so beautifully written that even though it pretty much revolves around reality, it still has shown us everything in such a positive light. I also love the timely humor that has been added in the drama because it makes things a lot more interesting & engaging. I found myself laughing at so many dialogues & reactions, like ‘larki ke shikaar ki party’ & ‘atay hue AC bhi le ana’ & also the way Saba was amused at the way Qadeer’s girlfriend was treating Shakira, haha! What I love about the comedy in this drama is that it seems very effortless & it shows that the dialogue writer has a great sense of humor which always is an added bonus for a viewer like me. I love Mishi & Haider’s relationship & I love seeing them discussing all the minute details with so much of honesty. They are a team & they are a couple who believes in strengthening their relationship, that is why where Mishi shares everything with him about her family, Haider tells her everything about his job too. The ring scene was actually quite sweet, both Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed have made the relationship of Mishi & Haider a very memorable aspect of this drama & I can’t praise the entire team of Besharam enough for giving us such a beautiful journey. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Besharam.

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