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Bhai Episodes 22 & 23

Eek, eek, eek! So Saira gets married to the man who is still in love with her older sister, married and divorced that sister and that sister still pines for him. Eeek!
Ebad’s kidnappers finally let him go and I am not sure if the whole scenario of Ebad dashing to get to Saira was meant to make some sort of impact but it only made me laugh. Throw in the zalim samaaj in the form of the very annoying rickshaw driver and Ebad certainly did not stand a chance. He reaches Saira’s house only to find that she and Sufiyan are now wed. I do wonder why he bothers going to her house though – he only ends up being thrown out each and every time. But hey, full marks for persistence!

Ebad thankfully managed to go beyond the ‘meri baat tau sunnain’ that you would expect in such a scene and does yell that Ashraf was behind his kidnapping but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Later, Ashraf’s father does say to his wife that he believed Ebad because Ashraf was certainly capable of pulling off such a stunt but felt it would not be wise to admit that in front of all the people gathered there and feels Saira is better off in her phuppo’s house anyway.

These episodes also introduced a new character – the shirt. The strange pinkish purple shirt that apparently Khadija had so ‘lovingly’ gifted Sufiyan and he so ‘lovingly’ treasures and only wears it to remember her but does not wear it for long in case ‘daagh na lag jaye’. I did sit with my heart in my mouth (sarcasm dripping here) when he wore it to go out to dinner with Saira and I kept thinking what if he dropped some food on the shirt! Horror!


But seriously – Saira and Sufiyan. Not only does it feel weird that they are together given that Sufiiyan still loves Khadija but then this constant ‘dukh’ sharing was very odd. So what happens next? They share their heartbreak with each other which will bring them closer and one day become soulmates? I did however feel that Saira is beginning to be a bit put off by Sufiyan’s constant parrot like repetition of his love for Khadija and maybe that is a good thing for if they are married now and meant to make it work then maybe things would move forward. I know the circumstances and the relation seem odd but I am of the opinion that if two people are married then at least try to make it work and get on with it rather than make each other and themselves miserable.

Another development in these episodes was Ifrah’s pregnancy. It amazes me each time – these people who without any medical test reports, any sort of examination wholeheartedly declare their diagnosis and begin their celebrations! Incredible! Well, Ifrah and Hammad are indeed expecting a child and I do not know why but I sort of hoped Ashraf would show a bit of compassion, a bit of interest. But he was as petty as I have ever seen him with refusing to have the mithai, the ‘no milk left for my chai’ comment and then stepping over the stuffed toy. I keep thinking he will relent at some point, such as at Saira’s rukhsati or when he hears of Hammad’s khushkabhri but this man is rigid.

Ebad has left for the U.S and is out of the picture – for now. Six months lapse and Hammad has passed his exam and is leaving for his training after which he will be able to take Ifrah and move to another city. Instead of Hammad moving, I do wonder why Ashraf does not move out. His entry into the house, from room to room is so obviously such a killjoy for the entire family that it would make sense if he left!

I feel now that we have established Ashraf is a completely horrid person who has messed up enough lives, it is time for payback time. I do not want to see Ashraf stoop further for I feel he has done enough. The pace of this drama has been decent enough so far so I hope not a lot of time is wasted on the Saira-shirt-Sufiyan track anymore!

I can’t help mention how lovely I thought the house looked lit up at the wedding. I understand the houses are not meant to be shown as big modern houses but the layout, the furniture and even phuppo’s house with that odd desk Sufiyan sits on in the middle of nowhere seem a bit strange but I did really like how pretty the lights were! Noman Ejaz has been amazing from the first episode and I can not imagine any other actor who could have carried out his role with as perfection as he has! His expressions, dressing, body language, accent – spot on!


What makes me tune into Bhai each week is also the unpredictability. I suppose Ashraf will be made to pay eventually, he will realize how wrong he has been (or will he?) – but I just keep trying to guess what would happen that would change things because enough ‘big’ events have happened already! Khadija’s divorce, Ifrah marrying Hammad, Saira’s near death, Saira married to Sufiyan and now Ifrah expecting – and Ashraf only becomes even more bitter!

What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid