Tere Mere Beech – Episode 21!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, this episode gave me nothing to talk about. Almost the entire episode was based on the flashbacks which in other words makes it a filler episode. I am not sure what the producers of the show are trying to achieve here because the story of this drama was definitely not meant for these many episodes. I so wish that they had curbed their motive of profits & had wrapped the drama up within 16-18 episodes because it wouldn’t have ruined the charm of the drama. I really am finding it hard to sit through the episodes of Tere Mere Beech just because of this unnecessary stretching whereas what’s happening in the drama right now is exactly what we all wanted to see & were waiting for but sigh, the producers don’t really care about the viewers at all!!!

The entire episode was about flashbacks. The flashbacks that the terrible trio experienced about Hareem, the flashbacks Hareem had about her life with Fahad & the flashbacks Fahad had about Hareem too. I really hate to say this but I just can not tolerate Zahida & her howling anymore. I literally had to mute the TV when she showed up & also when they showed the flashbacks of Hareem & Fahad’s bickering because the noise was too loud & I definitely didn’t want to wake the entire suburb up at 2AM AEST. Even though the terrible trio had only 1 scene in this episode but it practically did nothing & sadly they opened the episode with those tears & it was enough to put me off for the rest of the episode.

Well, Hareem was still hopeful that may be Fahad will approach her & things will be right between them. It also showed that Hareem was hoping that things will get back to normal & she was ready to give Fahad a chance because she truly loved him but I am glad that Fahad didn’t beat around the bush & got straight to the point. Fahad dreads that Hareem might actually spill the beans in front of Tania & that is why, before that happened, he decided to show up at her place in order to make a deal with her. Fahad really thinks that money can fix everything & just because he is so obsessed with money, he thinks everyone around him endorses the same mentality too, but I am glad that the moment Hareem realized that Fahad will never change, she gave him a piece of her mind & told him to leave her without any misapprehensions that she will help him!

Apart from the very last scene, there was practically nothing new in this episode that happened. Hareem’s family missed her, Hareem missed her family, Hareem missed how things were between her & Fahad & Fahad also thought about the time he spent with Hareem & that’s about it. It is amusing that the editors used the ‘only’ new scene of this episode in the preview last week, in an attempt to show that things will move forward but that was the only thing that happened & there was nothing else in this entire episode.

Anyways, the preview of the next episode seems interesting because looks like Shehla will tell the truth to Hammad about Fahad & with that, I so hope that the drama ends next week because there is no point in stretching this drama as they have nothing left to offer at all. Well, I must say that the only good thing about this episode & the entire drama is Sanam Chaudhry, I really really like how she has changed her styling through out the drama in order to depict her overall condition & circumstances & also, she looked really very pretty. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this filler episode of Tere Mere Beech!

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PS: Posting this review within 20 minutes after the episode ended shows the content this episode had, which is next to nothing, so, please producers, take the heed & end it ASAP!

Zahra Mirza

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