Shadi Mubarak Ho

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Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 4 Review – Highs & Lows

The story moved forward a little with this episode and tonight’s installment was slightly more engaging than the previous two episodes. Nyle’s father’s character has to be one of those very few supporting characters who manage to win you over

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Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 3 Review – Slow-Paced

Tonight’s episode of Shadi Mubarak Ho was a lot like the previous episode; slow-paced and light but not exactly funny! If this drama was more fast-paced and some of the scenes in particular were shorter, it could have been far

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Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 2 Review – Not Exactly Funny!

This second episode of Shadi Mubarak wasn’t half as lively and fun as the OST of the play which gives completely different vibes. I have to say that the first episode even with all its drawbacks was more interesting than

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Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 1 Review – Decent Beginning

Writer: Yasir Hussain Director: Wajahat Rauf Producer: Wajahat Rauf & Shazia Wajahat Channel & Schedule: ARY Digital – Every Thursday at 8pm Shadi Mubarak Ho’s double launch episode gave it a decent start by giving the viewers a basic insight

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