Celebrities Support ‘PadMan’

Akshay Kumar starrer ‘PadMan’ that focuses on menstrual hygiene and awareness regarding menstruation was reportedly banned in Pakistan due to it’s content because apparently the topic is “taboo” and damaging to our culture. The article can be read here,

‘PadMan’ Gets Banned In Pakistan

Naturally not only the people but celebrities also took to social media and expressed their disappointment over the decision. Celebrities including Sanam Saeed, Armeena Khan and Mansha Pasha came together and supported the film.

Sanam Saeed took to her twitter and said,

“A man changed the lives of women across India, he made them aware of their unhygienic practices. He found a way to provide them with affordable sanitary napkins. But let’s not share that story because it has something to do with #MenstrualHygiene. Tobah! #padman,”

Armeena Khan gave her two cents on the matter and said,

“Periods. What’s the big deal people? The entire female population gets them including mother, sisters and daughters. They are as natural as the changing of the seasons. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. No need to ban films. They happen. Period.”

Mansha Pasha shared the same views on her Instagram and said,

“Why has this of all films been banned in Pakistan!? Menstruation is not something to be ashamed of and from what i know, this film deals with the topic in an informative way meant to create awareness. At this stage, when crimes are constantly happening against women and children, do we really need less awareness?
In a country where people pee openly on the road, how is talking, just talking about menstruation lewd? #menstruation #dontshame”

It is hard to understand how movies that sexualize women and are filled with nudity and profanity find their way to big screens but when it comes to movies that focus on awareness be it about menstruation, sex education, child molestation or rape our censor board finds them unfit for this culture because we are simply proud of our jahalat.


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Mariya Haider