Cheekh Episode 11 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Long Scenes:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh gave a new turn to the story, where the opponent is now going to get harrassed & this is just the beginning. Even though this episode was interesting but I found the scenes a bit too long & some conversations never-ending. It is a fact that they are going to switch the pace in every other episode so I guess the viewers will have to bear with the comparatively slow episodes. Having said that, it is definitely worth mentioning that this episode of Cheekh was definitely interesting but it could’ve been better!

Wajih Is Back:

Wajih was in the jail & Yawar was doing everything in his might to ensure he comes out as soon as possible. Yawar was also making sure to take care of Mannat because he has realized that she is a force to reckon with & now she is unstoppable. Yawar’s first attempt to pressurize Mannat was to use her mother & even she returned disappointed because Mannat clearly told her what her intentions were.

Wajih came back & the first person he wanted to talk to was Mannat, to let her know that he will not go easy on her. Mannat did face him with a lot of confidence & that was something that Wajih never thought he’d get to see. To be honest, as much as that scene was important, I didn’t feel the intensity in it & felt it kind of lacked the impact. Not sure whether it was because of the length of that scene or the way both the actors were acting it out, in stead of looking like a powerful defining moment of the drama, it kind of seemed boring where I wanted it to end quickly. Even though Mannat has made up her mind that she is going to punish Wajih, I’d have liked if she had stayed stern with him rather than fluttering her eyelashes & having a playful flirtatious take at how she is going to get him punished, it kind of took away the intensity & seriousness that moment required to make an impact. Yes, Mannat was trying to challenge him by letting him know that she is not scared of him but she could’ve conveyed that without teasing him as if she was telling him a joke, because this is what it looked like.

Asad has called his marriage with Haya quits. As much as I understand how he is feeling, I guess to add more depth to this situation, they should’ve given Asad a little coverage in every single episode right from the beginning to make it more convincing that he was struggling with Nayab’s tragic death too. Yes, they did show that he used to talk to Haya about Nayab in a couple of previous episodes, but I guess that wasn’t enough to lead it to this point where he decided to call it off because he thinks Haya’s entire family is lying. It kind of looked sudden. May be a conversation here & there with Mannat about Nayab would’ve established the fact better that Asad was deeply affected by this incident but that wasn’t the case & what he did seemed totally out of the blue.

So, Wajih has started playing dirty. Obviously, for someone like Wajih who doesn’t respect women to begin with, it was very easy to accuse Mannat of cheating on her husband with Asad. This way Wajih got Haya on his side too who already was on his side but now she’ll have all the more reason to believe Wajih & hate Mannat. Yawar is coming across as such a big hypocrite because he preached about respecting women but when it came to Wajih, he didn’t mind lying to Shayan to make him doubt his wife. It is pretty obvious that Wajih & Yawar have formed a team & in order to protect Wajih, Yawar has bid farewell to the sense of right & wrong. For him, what matters the most is Wajih’s safety & it is unfortunate that he is siding with the culprit & giving him this confidence that no matter what he does, his eldest brother will always be there to protect him.

All the things that were suggested against Mannat went to show how easy it usually is for everyone to pinpoint finger at a woman & what’s sick is that despite knowing who the culprit is, Wajih’s brother is supporting him too. Shayan kind of paid heed to what both his brothers said to him about Mannat & Asad. Not sure how long will he take to believe that his wife is innocent & that his brother is the culprit.

Closing Thoughts – Could’ve Been Better:

Overall, this episode was good but it could’ve been a lot better. The execution that this episode got could’ve been a bit more convincing if they had chopped the scenes down. I really hope that they don’t drag the story in order to make the most of the ratings. I am totally fine with Bilal Abbas playing the role of Wajih, but what I am not ohkay is with the mumbling that he does, I just can not understand what he says & it gets very annoying. Saba Qamar, Nayyer Ejaz & Aijaz Aslam are performing brilliantly & the direction is great too, it’s just that this episode didn’t make an impact that it should have. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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