Cheekh Episode 12 Story Review – Realistic Portrayal

Opening Thoughts – Intense & Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was interesting & intense. It kept me engaged right from the beginning till the end. The previous episodes showed the battle between the two parties but now, it was all about that one person who was torn between his life partner & his siblings. The way the writer penned down this entire scenario was quite interesting because it was all very realistic & convincing.

Shayan Was Trying To Figure Things Out:

Shayan came back & ever since his return, he was being fed one lie after another. On one side, he saw his siblings angry, frustrated & in a hurry to hear his final decision but on the other, there was Mannat, all alone, content but still standing by her words & facing all the atrocities coming her way patiently. Shayan took a little time to analyze what was happening, how Mannat was being treated & what her behavior towards others was & despite being confused, he kind of saw some sort of honesty in Mannat.

Shayan made it clear to Mannat that he can not give his vote to either her or Wajih, as in order to do that he needed some time but seeing how Mannat was even ready to put her marriage at stake did hit Shayan hard. He couldn’t really comprehend why it was so easy for Mannat to even think on those lines where she was ready to let go of him. It did force Shayan to do some thinking & as he spent time in that house, he could see all the wrong that was happening.

In this episode, Shehwar got some coverage too where she decided to ask some questions but was sternly silenced by her husband Yawar. Yawar is a sure shot hypocrite where he preaches one thing but practices the complete opposite. Yawar’s interaction with Shehwar also showed the kind of relationship they both share where Yawar does not give Shehwar the freedom to think or question, plus he wants her to follow his orders all the time. Going by how Shehwar’s attitude later was in the rest of the episode, it did show that she is quite submissive & is someone who might not question her husband or doubt his choices.

It was nice to see how slowly Mannat was starting to get the support of Shayan. When he came it did look like he was flustered & unhappy with her but slowly & steadily it was obvious that he was feeling a lot for Mannat after witnessing himself what she was going through. Haya really is turning out to be an annoying character but then all those who will blindly support Wajih till they find out the truth will remain annoying. Haya is the youngest, therefore she can not even imagine the fact that her brother is capable of doing something so horrid, that is why she wanted Mannat out of her life & her house because she doesn’t believe in Mannat’s side of the story. I really liked how Shayan slowly started taking a stand for his wife, yes, he is torn between Wajih & Mannat but it was nice that he was not blindly supporting his younger brother. He was hearing whatever Yawar, Haya & Wajih had to say while also giving Mannat a chance to explain if she wanted to. After this episode, it is kind of clear that Shayan will not go by what his family says, he will always use his sensibilities & will base his decisions in his own judgment.

The last scene of this episode was again an interesting development. Shahwar heard whatever Wajih was saying to Mannat & as the preview suggested, she will be questioning Yawar later but I am sure Yawar will silence her again but I am sure this little incident will stay with her & make her curious to not just ignore whatever is happening around because her husband said so.

Closing Thoughts – Realistic Approach:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was really nice. It had some sweet moments & some very intense & dramatic ones too. So far, what I love about Cheekh is that the writer has kept it very realistic & to the point. All the emotions, all the reactions, all the conversations seem very real & that means this drama will resonate with all the viewers because of the nature of its execution. All the actors are performing brilliantly, so well done Team Cheekh. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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