Cheekh Episode 16 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Some Developments:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh did have some important developments to its credit but it also had some repetitive scenarios in it too. I think its about time that they begin the court case in full throttle & stop showing us whatever is happening in their households as we have seen that already. I think it’s about time that they start airing double episodes of Cheekh!

Yawar Is Torn Between Wajih & Shayan:

So, for the first time the court hearing took place of this case & the lawyer on Mannat’s side asked for some time to find out more evidences to prove Wajih guilty. On the other hand, Wajih’s lawyer started his dirty antics to weaken Mannat. On his suggestion, Wajih started off with the character assassination of Mannat & she wasn’t shocked because she knew this was expected of him!

Shayan is not only supporting Mannat but he is going out of his way to make her feel comforted & secure because he understands that the battle she is fighting is going to drain every ounce of energy, peace & calm from her body. Just when both Mannat & Shayan were celebrating each other, they got to know about the level Wajih stooped to in order to prove himself innocent.

The only interesting development in this episode was Shehwar’s evolvement from a naive submissive wife to someone who decided to question whatever she was coming across. The actual reason that forced Shehwar to make that shift was the lie that Yawar had been telling her & she now found out about. Shehwar was forced to think that if Yawar could go to that extreme & make her suffer for something she was not even responsible for, then he could not have any issue saving his brother even if he was the culprit. For the first time, Shehwar decided that she won’t allow Yawar to boss around her. For the first time she let him know that she won’t settle for his mistreatment henceforth, which I believe was a very nice shift in her character & probably the first step of courage that she’d later need to testify against Wajih & Yawar’s will.

This episode also showcased the emotional struggle of Yawar aptly. Yawar wants to support Wajih but he feels bad for letting Shayan, his brother down too. Yawar also feels sick seeing Wajih showing no remorse & the way he continues to make one mistake after another, because this way he finds it hard to support Wajih as deep down even he knows that he is supporting a culprit & a murderer. Haya continues to blindly support Wajih, that is why she believes all the claims made against Wajih are false. Haya has not even considered for a second that Wajih could have done what Mannat says, she can not even think of that.

Closing Thoughts – Show Us The Court Case Please:

Overall this episode of Cheekh was good but the pace of this drama seems quite slow. This episode only had one scene of the court whereas the rest of it was all about the way their household & personal dynamics were being affected, which I feel is what we have been seeing since the beginning, therefore they really need to change the story & proceed with the case. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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