Cheekh Episode 19 Story Review – Male Version of Balaa?

Opening Thoughts – Boring:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was strictly alright which borderline was actually boring for me to sit through. I found this episode to be never-ending & a bit too slow. The events that took place in this episode actually brought back some memories from the recent drama Balaa because it looked like Wajih is the male version of Balaa in Cheekh, since he is controlling everything & no one is able to do anything.

Wajih Is The Male Balaa:

To be honest, the entire scenario where Wajih followed Mannat & then she literally had to run away to save herself was poorly executed & did not make any sense. It looked like Mannat went to the pharmacy near by her place to fetch a medicine so not sure how she ended up at a highway where she had to run to save her life. The Mannat that we know is someone who would have gathered the entire crowd normally if Wajih had tried intimidating her so not sure what happened this time around & why she ran out of the blue because it was so unlike her? Mannat also usually is seen driving everywhere so it was again unconvincing that she ended up walking that too when she herself is not really feeling well due to her pregnancy. I guess if they had shown that Wajih chased Mannat’s car causing her to crash into some fence or electricity pole, resulting in Mannat losing her child, that would have still made some sense.

The rest of the episode just focused on how heart broken Mannat & Shayan were. Haya also found out & she was shocked too. Yawar was heart broken because of his divorce but then he has Wajih, the ultimate joker who knows how to make fun of the most serious situations. This episode had a lot of flashbacks & some were never-endingly long especially the one where Shayan was recalling how Mannat used to act all cute when she was pregnant!

The court case did make some progress but it is unfortunate that such an important aspect is being treated as an afterthought. Mannat’s lawyer is mostly failing to match the prowess & level of Aqil Zada & that’s all there’s to it. It was good to hear Ramzan speaking clearly without crying. I am sure Amir will twist the truth in the next hearing & it will further drag the case making it a bit more complicated & in favor of Wajih. One more episode went by & Shariq did not make an appearance. If Shariq is staying away from Wajih at this point that is alright but at least they should have shown what he is doing to make Ramzan & his family feel comfortable, like how is he supporting them behind the scenes. Also, the scenes of the servants are fillers I know but they are repetitive & totally unnecessary. We do understand that two servants are in favor of Mannat whereas Saleem is Wajih’s pet but is there ever going to be more to their characters or their part in this entire situation?

Closing Thoughts – Double Episodes Please:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was just alright, which I somehow expected especially after the last happening & fast paced episode. I feel they have kind of steered away from the main purpose of the drama & have shifted the focus on how cunning the culprit is & how the one who has taken a stand against him is suffering on all levels. They really should show them battling it out in the court while also covering how they are having a strained relationship on a personal level too, that would actually make it balanced & meaningful. I think they are really testing the patience of the viewers now. I really do not understand why they are not airing the double episode of Cheekh, I mean they should considering how slow paced the overall drama is. They have spent enough time showing the personalities of all the characters so I guess it’s high time they should show some action & not waste too much time in showing the prolonged suffering of those who are in support of Nayab. The acting of all the actors continues to be impressive & the direction is good too it’s just that the pace is compromising heavily upon the impact that this drama would & should have made. Also, from the last couple of episodes it is good to know that Bilal Abbas can speak clearly but it does look like he is putting in a lot of effort. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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