Cheekh Episode 24 Story Review – Tragedy Pe Tragedy

Opening Thoughts – Balaa Season 2:

Ohkay so, Cheekh has turned out to be Balaa part 2. I think while writing this script, Zanjabeel Asim Shah wanted the viewers to scream their lungs out after having their patience tested, hence the title Cheekh. This a typical approach of the writer where she is throwing one loss after another Mannat’s way to show how bechari & zakhmi the so-called sherni is. Damini movie is famous for the dialogue Tareekh Pe Tareekh, I am sure Cheekh will become famous for Tragedy Pe Tragedy. 🙄

Tragedy Pe Tragedy: 🙄

This entire episode was dedicated to the demise of Mannat’s mother & everything that followed. In stead of feeling any emotion, I sat there waiting for this episode to end so that something else happens in the next one. Not sure why Mannat saw her mom’s funeral as an opportunity to play Pakran Pakrai with everyone because Mannat running around & all of them trying to chase her was actually very funny. Mannat felt guilty because when her mother came to meet her for the last time, she didn’t really speak to her. I am guessing now another 5 6 episodes will only show Mannat’s guilt & then she finally moving on but for now it seems we’d have to face more rona dhona! 🙄

Everyone in this episode kept on crying. It was good to see Shehwar back & not only that, she also told her mother that she still considers them all as her family so I am sure now when the case will reopen, she will agree to testify against Wajih. Watching Ramzan crying hysterically to mourne the loss of Mannat’s mother actually made me laugh out loud. To be honest, I love episodes like these which provide subliminal comedy. It seems the doctor who testified against Mannat was having second thoughts but then Aqil told him to start giving Mannat doses to worsen her mental health. Let’s hope we don’t get to see that happening because it would mean even more rona dhona & I am running out of patience already! 🙄

Closing Thoughts – My Ears Are Bleeding:

This episode of Cheekh was boring & didn’t do much. Even though the actors are getting to showcase their acting & skills but other than that, there’s nothing special about the storytelling. I have started to loathe the OST & the hey hey hey hey background track, they have been overused to the core & they make my ears bleed. I know this might sound creepy & random at the same time but when Wajih was telling Yawar to find himself a girl friend, I don’t know why I felt that Bilal Abbas Khan was trying to copy Sajal Ali’s expressions, lol. May be because he has worked with her in O Rangreza so he must’ve picked an expression or two from the expression queen, but it actually made me laugh. Please share your thoughts about this ‘seriously’ ‘funny’ episode of Cheekh. 🙄

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