Cheekh Episode 29 Story Review – Good Episode

Opening Thoughts – Good Episode After Weeks:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was interesting. I have now developed an interest in this drama because I am so glad that it is finally ending. Also, it is good that they have started wrapping the story up in this episode, which means that the last episode won’t seem too rushed or illogically paced.

Wajih Is Bound To Doom:

Mannat had finally made up her mind that she will draw Wajih crazy. Mannat is not alone, she now has Shariq’s support too. At first I thought Shariq was doing all of that on his own but as the episode progressed, it was made clear that both Shariq & Mannat had joined hands to bring Wajih behind bars. Mannat has fabricated her entire plan with a lot of thought & detailing, which is nice. I wish instead of showing that everything was just happening out of whim, they had shown Mannat actually planning something properly. A conversation with Shariq would have sufficed too.

Shariq decided to give Wajih a taste of his own medicine by teasing him that he was going to harm Haya. That was actually a nice twist because I didn’t actually think that SHariq will later get married to Haya. Shariq did get married because he knew that Haya was innocent & that she needed some security as one of her brothers passed away, the other one got paralyzed & the youngest was now going to go behind bars. Haya got married & she totally understood the reasons why Shariq did that little act to actually make Wajih realize how Nayab must’ve felt too. Yawar is guilty & he is full of regrets but he knows that he is paying the price for supporting a criminal like Wajih.

So, slowly & steadily, just because everyone has realized that Wajih should be punished, they all have now started supporting Mannat. Saleem, Sadiq, Shariq are working alongside Mannat to help her accomplish her mission of not only driving Wajih crazy but punishing him too so that he pays the price for the heinous crime that he has committed. Wajih has also started to realize that things are turning against him but he was still putting up a brave face thinking he will be able to turn things in his favor yet again but he is mistaken, because the drama ends next week, lol! It was good that everyone was helping Mannat. Sadiq was always the conscious one but he changed Saleem’s thinking as well, that is why now Saleem was doing all that Mannat was asking him to do.

Closing Thoughts – Mannat Will Win:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was a good one after a very long time. I remembered that Amir Khan was also an interesting character but then he was forgotten for a long time now, but he came back. Obviously Mannat & Shariq recorded everything that he confessed & they will use it against him. As Aqilzada said that Mannat is now going to fight the case on her own & she will obviously win. I wonder why didn’t all of this happened when the actual case was in court but chalo, better late than never. I know people are raving about Saba Qamar’s acting, which obviously is well-deserved but I will definitely say that Aijaz Aslam has been phenomenal in Cheekh throughout. Even now as a paralyzed character, he has done a brilliant acting. Good to see him performing outstandingly after a long long time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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