Cheekh Episode 8 Story Review – Considerably Slow Episode

Opening Thoughts – A Slow Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was kind of slow. I guess before turning the tables completely, they are taking their sweet time elaborating the mindset of both Mannat & Wajih. While it was interesting to see how they both were going about their lives at this stage, I do feel they should change the scenario now or at least steer the course of the story towards the battle that Mannat will fight against Wajih!

Mannat’s Predicament:

Mannat was looking for some ounce of support from people that mattered to her the most; her mother & her husband but she was left disappointed because none of them are saying what she wanted to hear. In this time span, Mannat has learnt one thing that no one will choose to side by what’s right because everyone fears the consequences they’d have to pay & that is why even Mannat is being told to stay quiet & ignore the gruesome reality that she is aware of. Half of the people are not even ready to listen to what she has to say because they can not even imagine that Wajih could do something like this & the other half who know are staying silent for obvious reasons. Mannat’s mother is another fine example of what Mannat will have to deal with in this journey where she will be emotionally blackmailed & mentally tortured to backtrack but she will really have to stay strong to get through all of this. So far, one thing’s clear which is that no one around Mannat is going to make things easier for her, at all!

The opening scene where Ramzan spoke his heart out to Mannat was done really well. Mannat did apologize but even she knows she wants to do so much more for Ramzan as well as Nayab but at the moment she hasn’t mustered up the courage she needs to take a stand. Mannat may have thought that by following the advice of her mother, she will be able to get over this entire incident but as the days are passing by, she is finding it hard to cope up with all of this plus seeing Wajih being so normal after committing such a heinous crime is constantly reminding her how everything is just so wrong around her!

Wajih the spoilt brat he is, couldn’t take what Ramzan did to him within the vicinity of his home, that is why he humiliated Ramzan publicly to get back at him. Wajih really knows how to go from one extreme to the other. I really wish in the end they don’t show him losing his sanity like the usually do with all the negative characters in every other drama. I wish Wajih stays sane for as long as he can so that he actually goes through the pain by not forgetting Nayab & feels remorse over what he has done!

The teasing between Saleem & Sadiq is another important detail of the story. Saleem continues to tease Sadiq about all the things that can happen to a servant of the house because he has seen how faint-hearted Sadiq is but in reality, it is Saleem who knows everything in & out about what has happened & what has been happening in this house, so he should worry about himself. I guess by saying all of this, Saleem’s kind of testing Sadiq & wants to find out what Sadiq actually knows but in reality it is Saleem who knows more than Sadiq does. Saleem changed his testimony in front of Mannat whereas in reality he saw Wajih talking to Nayab moments before she died. Also, now when Wajih was showing Mannat the video & lied to Haya about it to make Mannat look bad, Saleem witnessed that entire incident too. I am sure Saleem won’t say anything against Wajih later when the case will reopen & police will interrogate because he kind of looks like an opportunist who will look for the advantage he’d be able to attain from all of this!

Haya’s character is a face of all of those people who can not even imagine that their own family members can do something wrong. Haya still thinks Wajih is incapable of doing anything of that sort that is why she has not only turned against Mannat, she is sympathizing with Wajih & is now being defensive for him. Oh well, waiting for the time Haya’s bubble with burst!

Closing Thoughts – Promising Promo:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was slow but the preview of the next episode has me excited because it seems Mannat will drop the plan of going to America & will come back to openly challenge Wajih. I really hope Mannat makes up her mind & now invests all her energy in bringing Wajih behind bars. Its about time the course of the story changes & I’m looking forward to the real deal because I am kind of done with Wajih teasing Mannat & Mannat running away from him. Also, a little suggestion for the channel, I am sure even the editors know which dialogues are inaudible or hard to understand, so the least they can do is add subtitles for those particular dialogues because quite a lot of times I can’t really understand what either Ramzan or the mumbling master Wajih/Bilal were saying. Those subtitles will actually improve the drama-watching experience & wouldn’t leave the viewers guessing what the character has just said. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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