Choti Si Zindagi Episode 10 Review – Entertaining!

When I review a drama, I watch the episode then get up and do a few things while I gather my thoughts – how I felt about the episode, anything in particular that caught my attention and then when I sit to write the rest comes together. With this episode, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it bar the couple of scenes which focused on Azra – and started on the review straight away. Shahzad Sheikh, Iqra Aziz and Tahira Imam (Urwah’s mother) performed so well in today’s episode that I really enjoyed watching them. I had been looking forward to this episode when Urwah is back home and there would be more Urwah-Ameena interaction – and I was not disappointed. I will pop in my disclaimer that if you are looking for a show that has to make sense in each scene and must really reach out and grasp your attention, then do not bother with this drama especially today’s episode. Otherwise, go for it 

This episode with the gudda-guddi shaadi did raise my eyebrows and I thought oh dear, Ameena really? A 15 year old planning a doll’s wedding? Until it sunk in then that Ameena was doing all this to make Mano happy. Mano apparently does not have many friends and is disabled. Ameena’s infectious enthusiasm or the innocence – something managed to touch Taayi’s heart and she also begins to take an interest in the wedding preparations. The fact that this was all done to make a little girl happy added a nice touch and I was actually quite fascinated when Taayi shows Ameena the clothes. The director really did get down to the very minute details and it was actually interesting.


However, all is not rosy in our real life gudda-guddi’s marital life. It was nice to see a less stiff Urwah and although his constant ‘jaahil’ insults were not nice, the squabbling between him and Ameena was definitely not spiteful. I do not think both of them actually realize what being married is. For Urwah it meant a lifetime of ‘not up to the mark’ nashtas and for Ameena it was a sulky presence that only scolded her. I know their relationship with the ‘catfight’ where Ameena hits Urwah and the way they argue should be ridiculous, immature or cringeworthy but it really was not for me. I found their scenes honestly amusing and I have to hand it to Shahzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz for making me feel that way.

Iqra Aziz has finally won me over as Ameena. She may not know it but Ameena has begun to take things in her stride. I like how her personality is not spiteful or petty. She is immature but has a good heart and is not stupid. She knows when she is being laughed at and is hurt and even voices her feelings but she does not hold a grudge per se as was evident with how she tries to manage the household work. I love the way Iqra has translated Ameena’s character and has given it her all, the way she suddenly jumps off a chair or marches off arms swinging. I know, I know – I was never a huge fan and in fact I am not even watching Natak on HUM for the promos neither the cast seemed appealing but as Ameena, Iqra is definitely a good choice for she has a naturally pleasant face and the awkward shy smile when Taayi explains to her to try to dress up for her husband, to the clumsiness and the angry march I am beginning to understand Ameena. I hope I have not spoken too soon for the loud wails were annoying and I hope this is the last I have seen of them.

What also makes Choti Si Zindagi charming and which was highlighted in today’s episode was again the absence of ‘evil’ characters’. When Taayi wanted a little rant over Ameena’s clumsiness, her neighbour pointed out how good a heart Ameena has. Taya is also reasonable where he asks his wife to teach Ameena ghar kay kaam and accept she will make mistakes but will get over them with time. Urwah too, with his fascination for and recent exposure to the glitz and shine of shehr wali larkis, bar the ‘jaahil‘ comments, is not nasty to Ameena. I do not think he really realizes what a commitment marriage is the way he asks his mother to send Ameena back. I love how Ameena also plays the Taya card and how she is not gullible.


I have often seen Tahira Imam in other dramas and not thought much of her acting, either way but she was very convincing as the warm mother in law in today’s episode. Shahzad Sheikh made me laugh in the scene where he was squatting mosquitoes and then when he goes back to bed and makes sure his blanket is away from Ameena’s, LOL. I keep finding myself noticing the tiny things such as the ancient telephones, the flowery sofas and bedcovers, the ‘chaarpais’ and it all adds such a nice, real touch to this drama. I like the background music except one track sounds a bit ‘Rabb Nay Bana Di Jori’ type but that is okay I guess.

Azra’s ‘formula’ (uff I could not get over the cheesiness of that conversation) may cause mayhem in Urwah’s household. If the letter was addressed to Urwah why did Ameena open it? Also, I find Azra’s father’s attitude a bit odd. Agreeing to a husband for his daughter just because he is ‘intelligent’ seemed a bit far fetched or maybe I have seen too many rich, angry fathers in our dramas but oh well. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode where Urwah and Ameena travel to Multan and really hope these summer holidays do not end anytime soon. What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid