Choti Si Zindagi Episodes 14-16 Review – Shehr Ki Hawa!

My heart aches for Ameena. She has had quite a bit of growing up to do and to be very fair, she has taken it all in her stride. To see Urwah and Saiqa not let any opportunity slip by to belittle her is quite upsetting. Seeing that things on the Saiqa front were getting out of control, Urwah’s father did the sensible thing and made sure Ameena go where she belongs – with her husband. You would think Saiqa would back off learning Urwah is married and initially that was the feeling I got but jitna it irritates me itna he the desperate females are in abundance in our dramas. I am not even sure why Saiqa and Urwah keep acting like a great injustice has been done to him by being married to Ameena, for she may be less educated but she is a pretty, pleasant natured, simple young woman and well, Urwah is no suave, suited booted gentleman himself – so please get over this ‘injustice’ already!

Since the beginning I have wanted to like Urwah and on the most part I have. I did express my thoughts a few reviews ago and was told to cut Urwah some slack – and I backtracked, lol but I can not justify his callous behaviour when it came to keeping Ameena hungry when he very proudly announced that he had already eaten his dinner from outside. Then his bechara attitude at not having had any breakfast and wolfing it down at Saiqa’s without having a moment of hesitation or ponder over how Ameena is going to be hungry all day. And then the tantrums over aloo. I am quite an aloo lover myself sooooo – I can not relate to his tantrums at all! But seriously, yes yes stomach is the way to a man’s heart and all that but how about the man give a thought to his wife’s stomach too and okay, if we are to focus only on his stomach then how about trying to provide the essentials for his wife to be able to whip up his meals!

Uggh, moving on from stomachs, I did have mixed feelings over the past couple of episodes when Urwah and Ameena go shopping for household items. It is sad how he puts her down and does not recognize anything she does, such as when she made tea when he was studying and she saw he was tired. It was actually upsetting to see the look on Ameena’s face. I loved what Ameena said about how Urwah seems to possess lots of knowledge about Saiqa but can not even remember how much education his own wife has. When the neighbours showed up and explained that there was no sharam in being married, I thought that might turn things around but alas.

Sohail seems to read my mind. He really does hit the nail on the head time and again in his judgement over Urwah’s thoughts. What he said to Urwah about not being able to see his wife’s good qualities because he could not see anything past Azra was so on point. And Azra! Seems like she was thrilled to hear that Urwah is not happy in his marriage and something tells me she is about to return. Ameena has found out about Azra’s existence and her revelation that she knew of her importance in Urwah’s life did not have any impact until she played the Taaya and Taayi Ami card. Urwah was actually nicer to Ameena when he went back home but here, in the city he has been nothing but cold and insulting. They say ‘shehr ki hawa lag gayi’ and that saying has never made more sense to me than now. With Saiqa swarming round and Azra’s seemingly inevitable return, seems like Ameena needs one of those toddler leashes to keep Urwah on track!

I like Serwat Nazir – or at least I thought I did. But watching another drama penned by her, Noor e Zindagi where the husband does not realize his wife is a gem and is attracted towards another woman only for him to realise later how wrong he was – is bearable in one drama. I would find it a bit much to sit through a similar situation in this one but it does seem that this is how things will move forward – and I do hope I am wrong. I believe Iqra Aziz has made Ameena actually sweet and adorable, her expressions of happiness, hurt, the blue chappals all add to make us feel who Ameena is and I can not help begin to dislike Urwah a bit now, for being immature or embarrassed about marriage is one thing, to be consistently mean and insulting is another. Will Ameena finally have enough and go back which is when Urwah realises how used to her he had become? Will he let Azra come sweep him off his feet (snicker) and then realise what a mismatch they are and return to a forgiving Ameena? Jo bhi ho, please spare me the (extra) desperate women and bring on the relationship between Ameena and Urwah developing. What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid