Chup Raho – Episode 17

The story finally moved to the next level in tonight’s episode, after screaming her heart and mind out all at the same time Rameen begged Manal to let her stay for one more night in her house before Numair finally kicked her out of the house! I found it very difficult to relate to Manal’s sympathy for Rameen, Rameen’s short-lived confidence and the group of ‘sympathizers’ Rameen met on the street. Rameen had no clue where she was going to go the next morning because while speaking to her “sympathizers” on the street she told them she had nowhere to go to and if she went to her Taya’s house he would definitely send her back to Manal’s house yet she was so sure she did not want to live in that house another day. I am still surprised that someone like Rameen who is educated enough to read newspapers and well off enough to afford a television does not have a clue that there are shelters for women like her and she has no clue what happens in most of the girls’ hostels. I am waiting to see why someone would be willing to let her stay in a private hostel any way!

People who watch this drama like a thriller must have enjoyed this episode but those who expected something completely different from it must not be looking forward to the way things are moving forward. Rameen’s troubles are anything but over, a whole new chapter of even more trials and tribulations is going to ensue from now on. This drama is a perfect opportunity to show people that a rape survivor can “survive” in this world with their heads held high. I hope that Rameen’s character is going to be a good example of a rape survivor who can eventually use her bitter experiences to help other people.

The story is moving in the direction which everyone predicted it will lead to in the very beginning. Naila’s character in the play and the way Numair is attached to her clearly showed that something dreadful is going to happen to her and that is the only way that Numair will learn his lesson. I agree that nothing can hurt Numair more and many people will disagree with me when I say that I really did not want to see things going this way. The female characters in this play have been abused to the maximum already, I do not want to see another female victim in the play especially when it is a young helpless child.

Tonight’s episode was filled with dialogues we have heard before but the fact that everything is going to change in Rameen’s life from now on definitely helps. The play has been stretched to the limit, we will hopefully be spared the trouble of watching Rameen suffer for another six episodes or so! We have already talked in detail about the unnecessary focus on the abuse and the perpetrator of the crime. The past few weeks of watching Rameen suffer have been a test of nerves, I hope from now on the drama picks up pace, stays focused and the story ends in a logical manner. I am sure that many more viewers will be watching the drama now since it is headed towards its conclusion, I just hope that does not give ARY the incentive to stretch it even further.

How many of you want the drama to reach a logical conclusion ASAP? What are your predictions about Rameen’s future?

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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