Chup Raho – Episode 18

Rameen tumhei kub aqal aye gi?? Even after everything that happened to her Rameen is still a naive and innocent girl who can be fooled very easily. I am surprised that Rameen is still so stable mentally although she does not have any kind of support at all. Even after looking at her roommate’s pictures Rameen still thought that Zarina deserved benefit of the doubt. If she had a husband why would she be living in a girls hostel? Just like we predicted Rameen’s life in the girls hostel isn’t turning out to be easy but even after watching everything that Rameen was put through today I couldn’t help but think that she was better off here than with her so-called family. Numair has conveniently “moved on”, he had fun harassing Rameen when she was around and now that she is gone he couldn’t care less. Numair is a completely different person when it comes to his daughter, his double standards are shocking beyond belief.

The best thing about the recent developments in the story had to be that it seems our guesses about what was going to happen to Naila were probably wrong. If Naila is going to be sick and the only way for her to get better would be if Numair comes out with the truth and asks for Rameen’s forgiveness then it isn’t that bad a deal after all. Numair’s concern for his daughter and the hamdardi aur insaniyat ke lectures which he gave the doctor were ironic to say the least. Azar has decided to drink his worries away, I never knew that alcohol addiction could be this bad too.

The way Rameen’s “supporters” were willing to help her out was very strange, I haven’t seen so many nice people willing to help out a stranger like this ever. I guess the writer wanted to show that there are good people in this world too and perhaps that sometimes your close relatives might not care about you the way a stranger would. Everything else about the girls hostel from Zarina’s lifestyle to the treatment meted out to Rameen and Madam’s change of heart was shown really well. Anita Camphor is one of my favorite actresses; I admire her for her versatility and perfect portrayals in particular. Watching her in the play was a complete surprise and a pleasurable experience. One minute Madam was on Zarina’s case and the other day she was best friends with her! The actress playing Zarina performed her role really well too.

The preview of the next episode showed that Zarina is going to get Rameen involved in the same kind of activities that she is involved in. Rameen will also meet a very drunk Azar on the street. How can Rameen let Zarina talk her into wearing those clothes and going out with her? Sometimes I have a very tough time relating to Rameen’s character – she speaks like she is very wise but she acts like she does not know right from wrong. There was no violence in tonight’s episode so that was definitely a plus point. Are we supposed to stop wondering when the show will end? Because I get a feeling that it won’t be ending any time soon. I am tired of asking the same question over and over again but why can’t Rameen go take refuge in a shelter house dedicated to women like her? Maybe because the writer does not want Rameen’s troubles to come to an end just yet!

Chup Raho has always been flawless as far as the performances of all the actors are concerned and tonight’s episode wasn’t any different. It does look like the drama has come to a point where it may end in a rational manner since Rameen is still mentally stable (surprisingly!) and the writer might have something very different in mind for Naila as well.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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