Chup Raho – Episode 20

The story took a brand new turn tonight which means that Chup Raho isn’t ending anytime soon! Yasir Nawaz’s character which we thought was going to be around only for a little while has a bigger role to play in the story. He is probably going to be Rameen’s hero who will restore her faith in people and might also be the person Rameen can lean on for the rest of her life. I could not have asked for a more perfect ending for Azar’s character. Azar realized what he had done to Rameen was wrong and because of that he did not deserve to live. He was ridiculed at every step because someone like him who could not tell right from wrong even when it was quite obvious deserved just that. I am glad that my fears about Rameen returning back to Azar were proven wrong. Apparently Rameen is going to start a new life now, it remains to be seen why Rameen won’t be able to go to Rawalpindi and it is probably going to take her a long time to make a place for herself in this new house.

I should probably stop being shocked with Rameen’s stupidity by now but every time I see her falling for every little or big trap someone sets for her I can’t help but question Rameen’s mental age! It is questionable enough when someone who you have barely learned to trust asks you to go out with them in the middle of the night but it becomes even more so when they put it like this ” tu phir chalo gi mere sath factory adhi raat ko!”. And then Zarina asks Rameen not to tell anyone either because it is a “test” for her!! Who would fall for that? Only our innocent Rameen I suppose! I really hope that this next step in Rameen’s life will prove to be the one after which she learns to think more maturely. The way Rameen met Yasir’s character was very well done; there was a good reason for him being there and he could not have taken Rameen anywhere else at that time in the night. Making her sleep in his living room however was going a bit too far! He clearly has no sympathy for Rameen and doesn’t trust her either for obvious reasons. The thoughts running through Rameen’s head while he ate his breakfast were funny! Yasir’s character’s conversations with Numair in the past indicated that he is a very straight person who would never hurt a girl like that. He always stopped Numair from whatever he was doing and he ended the friendship because they were poles apart. We found out today that his wife is either dead or he is divorced and he is finding it very hard to deal with his daughters. He needs someone who can look after his daughters and the girls also appeared to be starved for company. The “chaddar” which the maid gave Rameen didn’t even pass for a proper duppatta!

In the last few episodes Naila’s health issues had been one of the things on which the writer focused more than others but this episode mainly focused on ending Azar’s character and also on showing how Rameen managed to get away from Zarina and is out of the hostel now. I have said it before and I feel like I need to say it again that I can’t relate to “Rameen’s” trials and tribulations at all mainly because like every other person who knows even a little bit about the world would know that it would not take much for Rameen to get enrolled in a good shelter house.

Were you happy to see Azar’s end? Do you think it was a wise idea to start these new developments in the story at this point? Do share your thoughts about the episode.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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