Zidd – Episode 04!

Hmmm. This story is obviously very different to what we’ve watched before, so when there are a few things that you like, there are also a few things you might not agree with. This episode revolved around a lot of revelations imposed on Saman & also a certain realizations that left her shattered.

Ohkay, so Saman’s family thinks they can’t deal with her anymore & now when they ran out of ideas of how she must be tackled, they decided to go for an ultimate ‘problem solving medicine’ of Pakistani nation i-e Marriage. I think this time around, I’d blame them more than Saman because what they did to her was totally inadequate. At least, Saman was honest & believed in transparency but the way her own family trapped her into this marriage to get rid of her was shocking. Saman had only been ‘engaged’ twice, so how does it give an edge to her family to get her married to a guy who was ‘married’ already? Just because they were done reasoning with her & they felt she was making it hard for them, they decided to get back at her by deceiving her into this marriage. I thought they might find out about Omar’s past after Saman’d get married to him but looks like they staged this marriage even when they knew about his marital status. I think the worst thing a family could ever do to one of its family members would be breaking the trust they have in them & this is exactly what Saman’s family did to her. I am amazed that these so-called literate people felt ‘this’ was the right thing to do & not only had they accepted a proposal of Omar, they lied to Saman till she signed the marriage contract.

Yes, we all agree that Saman has been a very difficult person & she has been very hard on her family but now when I come to think of it, her demands were simple. She did not want to get married & it’s as simple as that. I don’t think her biological clock was ticking so fast that they had to get her married by hook or by crook. Yes, she put them through a lot of awkward situations & even they had to face some sort of embarrassment because of what may seem to them as irrational decisions taken by her but at least she was honest & the least she expected from her family was that they’d be honest with her as well.

I am unsure about Omar. Where at one hand he seemed considerate, on the other he casually ended up taunting Saman for calling off her engagements. Omar even had an audacity to question her about why she broke off her engagements whereas he’s the one who needs to do the explaining. Yes, Omar on his own does seem justified because he didn’t hide the fact of him being married before but now when he had learnt that Saman had no idea about it, the least he could do was show some courtesy towards her. I am sure we can’t judge him just now but the way he quickly started acting like ‘he-is-the-husband/he-is-the-boss’ in this relation didn’t make me like his character one bit.

The more I saw Appu, the more my blood boiled. She is the one who couldn’t stop praising Omar & his family. She is the one who infiltrated Saman’s family’s mind against her & she’s the one who initiated this wreck of a wedding. I didn’t even like the way Saman’s family was still blaming her for what they did to her, for how they fell short on honesty & shattered her trust. Everyone thinks she lives in a bubble of her own, she has disconnected herself to the whole wide world, she is the one who doesn’t value her relations & she is the one who deserved it but excuse me, why would you blame someone who was clear in what she wanted from her life? I don’t think she spoke in some alien lingo for them to understand that she was not ready for a commitment yet. All her parents could do after the wedding was just wonder if she was happy or not but I don’t think they should burden themselves with this much worry too because they didn’t think of her happiness before so there’s no point in bothering about it now as well. I am actually disappointed with Raza’s attitude too. He blamed Saman for being indifferent but isn’t he the one who is totally absorbed in his life & his fiancée? I thought he was the one who actually understood his sister but looks like he also wanted to get rid of her just so that he could get married peacefully.

This episode was full of shocks & unpleasant surprises but I did enjoy the conversation Saman had with her friend & also the whole marriage function scene, it was to-the-point & just done rightly. Share your thoughts on this episode please.

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