Chup Raho – Episode 23

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, life in plastic it’s fantastic….can you blame me for thinking of this song while watching tonight’s episode? Everyone Rameen meets loves dressing her up just the way kids like dressing up their favorite Barbie. First the sari, then the jeans and now the black sleeveless! Why couldn’t dadi … oh no ama dress Rameen up in the same clothes which she brought for her from the shop? The sleeves of the shirt miraculously disappeared by the time Rameen and ama reached the parlour and the frock was transformed into a very short shirt maybe by Rameen’s fairy godmother. I hate to see Rameen being treated like an object again and again instead of a living and breathing human being. Ama ko apna shok pura krne ke liye Rameen hi mili thi? Kya Rameen “bechari” is duniya mei logo ke shok purey krne aye hai;)

Rameen has taken a complete about turn ever since she found out what a big shot Shiraz is….vo mere saeein ji hein, un ki hur baat manana mere pe farz hai. Rameen really should stop worshipping people especially since she has a very strong faith in God. It was however good to know that Rameen thinks of Saeein ji as a father figure. The conversation in the kitchen between Shiraz’s mother and Rameen was quite funny! Shiraz’s mother kept on trying to convince Rameen that her son was not as old as he looked …bus khata ziada hai tu zara phel gaya hai bus tum se thora hi bara hai! Well what can I say, the dialogues speak for themselves!

Rameen always manages to find new rishtey wherever she settles, first she made a baji at the hostel and now she sees her mother in Shiraz’s mother. With a mother and Baji like Rameen’s she should really think twice before giving new relationships these names! Even after being betrayed by her closest family members in the worst way possible Rameen is still able to attach feelings of affection and trust with these relations.

Dadi made a plan to convince the kids and Shiraz just how indispensable Rameen was! The woman does not even know much about Rameen but she is bent on getting her son married to her. Shiraz and Rameen both keep on mentioning the police and Rameen’s “masla” but the dadi doesn’t even ask once what the problem is and why the police should be involved to solve it.

The preview that was shown on the facebook page of Chup Raho this week was misleading but the fact is that I wasn’t really expecting to see Manal and Numair in this episode! I am sure the producers know that right now they need to do whatever they can in order to ensure that people tune into this show every week and showing Manal and Numair was the best way to do it. The preview of the next episode showed that daddi asks Rameen to leave the house after finding out that she is already married and Numair asks Manal to find Rameen. Shiraz wants to be Rameen’s saviour perhaps because she is the best thing that ever happened to him ;) Sitting through a complete episode of this drama is becoming more and more tedious with every passing episode. Rameen still has to find out that her husband died and that is when she will come back to Shiraz and they will live happily ever after *yawn*.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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