Zidd – Episode 07!

Hmmm, after watching this episode, I am not sure what the writer here is trying to achieve. Looks like the writer tried to push herself really hard in order to come up with a certain sort of a story that’s why I feel a lot of things are pretty much forced & are not making much sense at the moment.

The episode began at a similar note where there was a scene about that Pakistani student. I don’t just understand what are they trying to show through him & what issue Saman has with him? She is quite an easy going person who always believes in simplifying things, so what is it about that guy that ticks her off? Obviously she is not that easy going when it comes to her life but when she is seen giving suggestions to others, she always sides with the most preferable & approachable option, so first of all there was no point of giving that student so much of a coverage & if they had decided to do that, why can’t they show Saman simply backing out frankly? Why do they always show her getting agitated at the sight of him?

Ohkay so just when Saman decided she wanted to do some cooking, she was taken back to the memories of what she used to say about a girl doing all these things & that’s when it hit her that she was just about to do something that she swore she would never do & just then she decided to start a fight & walk out of this relation she felt she wasn’t happy with. This was from Saman but what Omar did & said was another shocker as well. Why is it that his attitude always keeps on fluctuating? One day he’ll be playing a role of a sweetest husband ever & the next day he would come across as the most stern & rude person who only knows how to boss around his wife?

Saman decided to leave Omar’s place for good but the conversations that followed her departure didn’t make any sense at all. I thought she & Qasim uncle would be able to relate to each other & he will guide her through his experience but why is it that when she actually compared her situation to his, it just didn’t seem right. What Qasim told her came after a lifelong experience at which he held himself responsible but here, what Saman said didn’t seem reasonable as it’s been only a month for which she has stayed with Omar & she says she has tried a lot by giving everything she could to this relation, but is it just me or that never happened because I am sure if she had done anything of that sort, we would’ve been able to see it.

I really don’t understand why there are a lot of conversations that try to enforce the fact that Saman is ‘different’. She says she’s tired of being ‘different’, Rukhi thinks Saman’s ‘different’, the photographer she only met twice felt she was ‘different’ from all the other desis he has met & every single person around her says she’s ‘different’. So the point is when we already know that she’s ‘different’, why does the writer feel the need to spoon-feed this to us every single time? & oh another thing that I noticed was when Saman met David, she left suddenly without leaving any contact number but in this episode, she was seen meeting him again & also discussed how she has left her husband? I mean they never gave away an impression that these two people will meet again & now when they did, how come Saman felt so much comfortable around him that she shared her personal life details with David that too in just a second meeting?

I also don’t know why Saman is seen wasting her time. As much as I know about her, she was a quite a career oriented person, so why can’t she just find a job in America instead of wasting her time on the streets wandering randomly & then goes around asking people for refuge? Saman always wanted to be independent so now when the time is supposedly right for her, why can’t she take charge of her life? Why is Saman seeking help from other people? Isn’t she compromising on her rules now? Isn’t she herself living a life that she didn’t want for her?

I don’t quite get what Omar wants from his life too. I am sure if he had spent half a time on this marriage as much as he has on his makeup, his life would’ve been a whole lot better. Looks like after a failed marriage, he has indulged in self-pity where he goes around crying in front of people & backbites about how difficult his wife is rather than trying to talk things out with his wife directly. All he has ever done is taunt his wife for not being able to fulfil her wifely duties so why does he think Saman will budge?

Looks like Rukhi is going to get a lot more coverage because her track seems to be moving at a steady pace. She’s in love with David & he has proposed marriage to her. Obviously, Qasim doesn’t approve but looks like this will lead to a heated argument between Qasim & Saman, which will force her to leave this place too.

For now, I quite don’t understand where this drama is going to go because nothing’s falling into perspective. The main leads seem scattered brained & the side characters are getting a lot more coverage. I just can’t stop noticing how horrible the makeup has been & I haven’t seen Humayun Ashraf (Raza) perform before but I find his acting very very week. I must say Maya Ali hasn’t been impressive in this role so far too & I find her dialogue delivery very effortful. The preview of next episode suggested entry of some new faces & characters, I am not sure if they’d be able to carry the story of Zidd forward but let’s see. So far – so not good. Share your thoughts about this episode of Zidd please.

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