Chup Raho – Episode 24

Saeein Ji aur Rameen ki shadi ho gi aur hum gharare aur sarian pehney gay! What else do you expect me to start this review with after an episode like the one we saw tonight? I have a very difficult time digesting the fact that Rameen has conveniently moved on; sure she is reminded of her past every now and then but she gives being comfortably numb a whole new meaning! What I have concluded from this drama so far is that a rape victim who is tortured physically and mentally not for a few days but many months and one who was led down in the worst manner possible by all her close relatives will not have any issues entering into new relationships and trusting people only months after going through all the physical and mental turmoil. Saeein Ji and his love for Rameen which I find very difficult to relate to is the solution to all of Rameen’s problems – past and present! So, should any other unfortunate girls out there like Rameen who are watching this show go looking for their Saeein Ji’s too?

I had to remind myself over and over again while watching tonight’s episode that this was the same Rameen who lived in Numair’s house and went through everything she had to go through because somehow I feel like we are supposed to forget all of that and sit with Manal in the car and enjoy the ride;) Seriosly!! I thought Rameen wanted to end that chapter in her life and she went to get a divorce so that she could have her happily ever after with the Saeein Ji and his three cutie pies!! But Rameen will be Rameen, she always manages to find ways to make life more difficult for herself because if Rameen gets her happily ever after the story will end.

Rameen’s reaction to the marriage proposal was shocking, she must be really tired of her long journey and in desperate need for a place to rest, if you know what I mean! Shiraz’s mother’s dialogues throughout this episode were just plain ridiculous. Those romantic/supportive dialogues from Shiraz were anything but music to my ears! How could Shiraz let Numair touch Rameen like that when she went to his house? And why can’t Numair talk to Rameen without touching her? Why does Rameen allow every man to hold her hand and drag her wherever he wants? Rameen has learned absolutely nothing from all her experiences which really is very sad! Manal’s dialogue about Rameen being an Allah wali and how she ended up being so lucky even though she was left stranded by them was not very polite therefore if Rameen had learned anything she would not go back to that house! There was apparently no good reason for Naila’s illness except that because of that Rameen will go back to Numair’s house again…oh well!! Rameen still doesn’t know that Azar is dead because if she finds out then she wouldn’t go out looking for him again so that she can get a divorce.

The preview of the next episode showed that the story will go around in circles for a little while before it finally concludes. Manal will find out that Rameen was right about Numair all along and Rameen will get a husband. We obviously expected much more from this story but I guess this is just another story of a girl finding her prince charming in the end after going through the worst! It is really upsetting to see that Rameen’s character has not developed at all throughout this serial; she is still as gullible as she was in the first episode. Most of us were waiting to see how Rameen’s personality and not just her life changes after going through all these tragic experiences. Rameen’s life changed in many ways but her personality never did!

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode …. aap Rameen ki shadi pe kiya pehne gi ghara ya sari;)

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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