Zidd – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, to be honest, this episode was a lot better than the previous few. I found it interesting in bits & seems like apart from Saman’s story, other tracks are offering something to look forward to.

Saman & Qasim’s argument lead her to leave his place. I thought she knew better because she left his place without even notifying him. Being headstrong is good but being uncourteous isn’t. Saman seems to be on a trip of her own where whenever she’s given a reality check, she decides to run away. I know, I do like her for being headstrong but right now she is coming across as someone who has a very confused personality & thought process. I know, what she has gone through has hit her hard but that doesn’t mean she has to run away every single time she’s met with something that makes sense. Qasim only tried to make her understand indirectly that she has been hard on herself & people around her as much as Rukhi is being hard on him but Saman felt she couldn’t stay there & all she could do was ignore his generosity just because only for once he decided to tell the truth to her on her face?

Ohkay so, Saman has decided to hop from one place to another just because she’s in a search of something she herself doesn’t know about. Saman says she wanted to enjoy her life but now when she has finally found a chance, why is she finding it so hard to be happy? I mean of all the places she had, she thought staying at Zainab’s place would be the best option but what was she thinking? I really thought she was wise enough to understand from just one visit to Zainab’s, that her home wasn’t a decent place to stay but Saman chose to ignore all that & felt she would be peaceful there?

For now, I do like Rukhi’s character more. She may be headstrong & stubborn, but she is a lot better & nicer than Saman. Even though she is younger to Saman, she seems more mature, wise, logical & compromising despite being stubborn. Rukhi knows what she wants but she also knows the ways how to get what she desires. She loves David but she also loves her Dad & she wants to make both of them happy. Not even for once she has tried to hurt or emotionally blackmail her father because she knows this will only lead him to have bitter memories of something that’s just so special to her. Even though everyone has spoken to her about her decision, she knows she can trust David because he makes her happy.

Yes, Qasim is a father who only wants something that’s best for Rukhi, but the way he has been so sceptical about an American guy getting married to Rukhi doesn’t look fine because he himself has done the exact same thing in his life, so how can he expect Rukhi to act any differently? During the conversation he had with Saman, it was quite clear that his wife Jullian wasn’t insincere & in fact she was a very good wife but he was the one who couldn’t do justice to her as he was too busy shaping up his life, so when he himself got a good spouse who was an American – his hatred & hesitance doesn’t seem justified. Yes, no guy can ever be good enough for a father to choose for his daughter, but David seems sincere & Rukhi also seems logical. Yes, we’ve been introduced to her soft side that she’s easy to mould but I think, for now, I am ready to trust her judgment & I so hope she finds happiness & the writer doesn’t show that her ‘zidd’ cost her, her happiness.

Zainab is weird & that’s the only word that explains her the best but I do feel her story is going to get a lot more interesting because just one encounter with Omar was enough to make us understand that my assumption could be true which was that she might be Omar’s first wife because the way she complimented him about his dressing & the way her body language changed when he was around, went to show that they do share a history & also we’ve been kept in the dark about Omar’s first wife & I can see why!

So, after all the things Saman has said all these years against living alone in America & taking care of household chores, she has found herself doing exactly the same things & what’s sad is, she really thought her life will throw; exactly what she wants, at her. Plus I really don’t get what is it about cooking & cleaning that takes her back to her statements where she used to condemn all this bluntly & then she frowns for ages. Even if she is doing all this, she is doing it for herself & not for anyone else, so why is it so hard for her? I really thought Saman meant business when she decided to go to USA but now she has opted for a job that her friend used to do before, which is to take care of an old lady (Ismat Zaidi) who has pretty much gone senile. For now, I do find Shazia’s (Angeline Malik) character very composed & nice. What she said was exactly what Saman ‘should’ hear. ‘Logon ko izzat raas nahi ati’ & this is exactly what hit Saman so hard that it made her uncomfortable. Even though Zainab might look a bit superficial but the questions she posed in front of Saman were a lot deeper & meaningful. She really wanted to know why Saman left her husband. What was the reason behind it? Later what Shazia said also matched Saman’s mindset & was more like a cold hard slap for Saman because she could’ve made things work, she could’ve given her husband a chance, she could’ve tried to mend her ways but she chose the otherwise. I do not say that Omar was worth giving a shot for, but the way Saman is tackling her life is making her seem a lot more stupid & that comes across as a shock because no one expected her to be so immature & after all that she’s doing to herself, seems like if she had ‘compromised’ & stayed with Omar, it would’ve been a lot more better.

After new entries, I feel this drama is going to revolve around female characters only & because of that it seems like our nakaam ashiq hero Omar is going to get lost in the crowd of damsels in distress, which is why his scenes look a lot like fillers in most of the episodes & it seems his role has become stagnant because; he got married, failed at it, he got married again, brought his wife to USA, almost failed at this marriage too & his job is pretty much done here. Now he is seen conversing with his friend crying over how bad his life has turned out to be or he goes around discussing matters which really don’t concern him, like Rukhi’s affair. ‘Mujhe lagta hai jitna app usay rokainge, wo utna appse duur bhagegi’ says Omar who advices Qasim to be a bit patient whereas he was the one who couldn’t do the same when it came to Saman. He was out there, reminding her again & again that she should accept her ‘husband’ as he was her ‘husband’ & she should do everything that her ‘husband’ likes but Omar should’ve understood that imposing himself as a ‘husband’ on her wasn’t the right thing to do.

Anyways, let’s see what this drama has in store for us. The preview of next episode seemed interesting too. I do find the pace of all the episodes a lot slower & really struggle to keep my interest intact. If it wasn’t for reviewing, I wouldn’t be watching it so vigilantly as it doesn’t manage to grab your interest instantly. Share your thoughts about this episode of Zidd please.

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