Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 1 Review-Below Average!

Coke Studio is undoubtedly the best music platform we have in Pakistan. Many singers have become stars and has gotten a status which is not possible otherwise in the current situation of music industry. This year Coke Studio has completed its ten year run and the line up of the artists didn’t really impress me. Why? You’ll know as the review progresses. So the Coke Studio started this year with a patriotic song again but this it was not a national song but the National Anthem. Here is your Coke Studio version of National Anthem:

Many may have liked it but I am not very high on liking on this performance. Everyone is humming the Anthem like it is some kind of sad song. That is not the way to recite your National Anthem. One should always recite it in the way that brings out passion and patriotism in a person and not the urge to cry your eyes out. Even Coke Studio should not get away with it.

Now coming to the first episode we got four songs: Ranjish Hi Sahi, Muntazir, Chha Rahi Kaali Ghata, Allah u Akbar.

Allah u Akbar:

Music director was Shuja Haider and the song was sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Shafqat Amanat Ali. Its from the Qawwali genre of Coke Studio. Was it good? Aaah Average I would say! Many people would disagree again but once you set your standard to Chaap Tilak and Tajdar e Haram, you cannot expect the audience to settle for anything less. Ahmed’s performance was better than Shafqat by a few points but it was in no way a 10/10 performance.

Ranjish Hi Sahi:

Music is directed by Jaffer Zaidi. So far the best one in Coke Studio 10. Ali Sethi performed really well. It was a tribute to Mehdi Hassan Sahab and Ali did a fabulous job. His soft notes and way of singing did justice to Mehdi Sahab’s ghazal. Ghazals should always calm a person when they listen to them and Ali just did the thing. Ali is really talented and he proved his mettle once again in this song.

Chaa Rahi Kaali Ghata: 

Music director is Sahir Ali Bagga. Simple verdict, it was below average. Not Coke Studio material. Only saving grace was Hina Nasrullah’s performance. I was expecting better from Amanat but he didn’t live upto the expectations. In most parts of the song Amanat’s voice was buried under heavy music. Things could have been better in this one.


Muic director are Strings. Audience remained Muntazir that Danyal’s voice will somehow come out from under the heavy music and maybe a bit less auto-tuned. Momina has already got a lot of appreciation for her good looks and I think that is enough now and she should try to strive on her singing rather than her looks. And how Danyal got to Coke Studio in the first place. Bottom line: Worst song ever!

How did you find the first episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Pakeeza Dar