Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 2 Review- Better Than First!

Coke Studio episode 10 aired today and it also consisted of four songs: Tinak Dhin, Sayonee, Faasle and Jaan e Bahaaraan. The artists included Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi, Waqar Ehsin, Ali Noor, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Salman Ahmed, Qurutulain Baloch, Kaavish and Ali Zafar. This episode was a blend of goods and bads. Lets break it down song by song.

Tinak Dhin:

Music director of Tinak Dhin was Ali Hamza who has written the lyrics of the song as well. It was performed by Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi and Waqar Ehsin. Tinak Dhin had a very 90’s party song feels and will be perfect for cardio exercises and long drives. Ali Sethi was fabulous in this one too and debut singer Waqar Ehsin was the best among the lot, a good debut from his side. Though Ali himself was the man behind the symphony, I didn’t like his vocals in the song. All in all this was a good one.


Music director is Salman Ahmed. If I can sum up this Coke Studio rendition in one line it would be:”I missed you Ali Azmat!”. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is no doubt a legend and his voice his hands down magical but its not made for a song like Sayonee. Even Ali Noor didn’t do justice to the song. Only the music was good because it was done by Salman himself. This one is a disappointment! A very bad combo of singers I guess, two doctors made to work the job of an engineer to explain it simply. Ali Noor has rustic voice that is why he sounded a bit better though.


Music director is Jaffer Zaidi. The song was performed by Qurutulain Baloch and Kaavish. It was a good one. It was soothing and soulful. Best combo of artists. Kaavish did a satisfactory job and Qurutulain showed once again why is she one of the best singers we have. She actually increases the level of every song with the strong tone of her vocals. Music was balanced and vocals were awesome. This one was okay. Sahi hai Acha hai in short! Not the best but not bad either.

Jaan e Bahaaraan:

Music director is Shuja Haider. It was a tribute to Master Inayat Hussain who was the original composer of the song. Ali Zafar proved why is he considered the rock star of the industry. He sang the song beautifully and to be honest the best part about Jaan e Bahaaraan was the music. The music had an Arabic undertone and it made me love the song. It was a good tribute, well structured and well sung. Baby brother really needs some classes from Big B.

This episode was definitely better than the first one but was any performance MIND BLOWING? Not for me atleast. More is to come lets see what happens. Which song did you people like? Share in the comments section!

Pakeeza Dar

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