Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 4 Review-Matlab Kuch Bhi?!!

Matlab Kuch Bhi? Yes those are my thoughts on episode 4. What Coke Studio is trying to achieve this season is a very important question. The episode features Javed Bashir, Akbar Ali, Amir Zaki, Qurutulain Baloch, Farhan Saeed, Ali Zafar, Danyal Zafar, Ali Hamza and Nirmal Roy. Okay lets get into how Coke Studio is killing all the expectations. Here is the song by song breakdown:

Naina Moray:

The only song worth mentioning in Coke Studio. A very good combo of singers. Music director is Jaffer Zaidi. Both Akbar Ali and Javed Bashir know their crafts and crooned the beautiful classical melody with utmost talent and professionalism. Javed Bashir is very underrated as compared to the talent that this man has and he showed the same talent in this episode too. Akbar Ali also matched the perfection and made this song a great listen. It was Amir Zaki’s last performance and the excellence of his skills was clearly visible. The only good song today.

Latthay Di Chaadar:

Music director is Shani Arshad. Another remake which shouldn’t have been remade. So the song started by soft notes of Farhan Saeed and I thought this one will be nice since QB is also here. But then I realized NO, this is average but then QB started singing and the left over expectations fell into a pit and shattered into a million pieces. Why did they turned Latthay Di Chaadar which is meant to be a tune to which people dance into some mourning symphony. QB was stressing too much on the words and making them sound thick that they became unbearable. A very bad rendition. Didn’t thought I would say this but Farhan was better than QB.


Ye sabb mil karr humko pagal bana rahe hain! The only thought for this song. Ali has done Rockstar too and it was good but Julie a big no. The lyrics were tacky and the song was so bad that Ali took off his jacket in order to distract the audience. The song has Danyal specially mentioned and for what kyunki barray bhaiyya gaa rahe hain. There are so many talented musicians in Coke Studio who will never be mentioned like this. But Danyal will play guitar standing alongside the lead singer with his name specially mentioned. Parchi all the way! Music director for this one is also Shani Arshad and this song really made me go Matlab Kuch Bhi!!


The singers are Ali Hamza and Nirmal Roy. Music director is Ali Hamza. This one was average. Not a bad one but not extraordinary either. Ali Hamza knows what he is doing and Nirmal’s vocals are beautiful too. The only problem I found with this one was it didn’t sound new to me. It felt like Paar Chanaa De was being played with slightly changed music. The combination of singers was good though.

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Pakeeza Dar