Prem Gali Episode 16 Story Review – Confusions & Accusations

Ohkay so, in all honesty, this was probably the first episode of Prem Gali that I had a hard time watching. The first half of the episode did not work for me & the remaining half was tolerable to watch. It is a fact that Prem Gali is the kind of drama where you don’t have to look for logic or take it seriously but when situations get a bit too pushed, it doesn’t really do much to help the viewer. There’s no denying the fact that the dialogues were witty throughout the episode but the characters ended up looking a bit too caricaturish. I am glad by the end of the episode, Shireen, Joya & Hamza took over & took care of the episode as well.

Further Confusions & Accusations

The events that unfolded in this episode were pretty much an extension of what transpired last week. This time around too, none of the family members were taking it slow & they were a bit too emotionally charged about Joya & Hamza’s wedding. As much as it may seem amusing, at times it does seem frustrating that none of them is trying to understand that they need to leave the newlyweds alone. They all are hell-bent on making sure that this marriage works, without even realizing all that they’re doing are making things tough. To be honest, I was relieved after watching the precap of the next episode where Joya ‘finally’ is going to talk about her & Hamza’s likes & dislikes. I do understand that they had to take this much time at least to establish the dynamics of both the families & how they were trying to approach this drastic change in their lives but this episode in my opinion took it a bit too far.

Prem Gali Episode 16 Story Review - Confusions & Accusations

It has been realistically shown that when a couple gets married, they are the center of everyone’s attention & that’s when people find it hard to understand where they have to draw a line. This is exactly what was happening with Joya & Hamza. The reactions & approach of rest of the family members is unreasonable & that has been established in a funny manner but the way Hamza is keeping things from Joya & not being honest adds up to the frustration too. Joya is completely entitled to know each & everything that Hamza is up to, so for him to protect his father’s Peer o Murshid does not really sit well with me. As if Hamza wasn’t keeping enough secrets from Joya that now he had to also lie about the Salami amount from her too. This is obviously going to make him look suspicious & won’t help Joya in any way even when she’d want to develop a bond based on trust with her husband.

I was relieved when Shireen took matters into her hands & settled everything down. Joya’s demand for treating her family treating her husband nicely was also good & pretty much the necessity. It was now made clear that the gift came from Joya’s father & that is why Shireen wasn’t comfortable giving it to her. It will obviously make it to her one way or the other & maybe then we all can expect Javed Sheikh’s official entry into the picture. The neighbors’ reactions were realistic too but Haseena refusing to pursue the proposal for her son because of Joya & Hamza also didn’t really make sense. Haseena was always shown to be a little selfish but maybe after how the entire neighborhood came together during Fari’s wedding made her change & this is why she thought it was the time for her to reciprocate the courtesy too.

Prem Gali Episode 16 Story Review - Confusions & Accusations

Looking Forward To The Next Episode

This episode was strictly alright but yes, the conversations were decent & somewhat funny too. I am definitely excited to see Hamza & Joya taking charge of the situation & instead of being on their own, working together as a team to tackle their family members. I think that would definitely be interesting to see. All the actors have always done a good job but in this episode, I felt they took a bit too far. In this episode, there was a major continuity issue with Saba Hameed wearing one set of clothes in one scene & the other one in the next scene which showed that she was coming from her shop to her home straight away to take care of everything. It seems there are going to be some new characters making an entry too as Haseena’s tenants, I am looking forward to those characters too & hoping they spruce things up a bit too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • I think the whole thing with Hamza being falsely accused was cringeworthy. I mean Nani is a bit messed up … so her mind went there right away! But it’s strange that the dads also jumped to the same conclusion. I mean, in the real world, leveling such an accusation would be bad…

    Aside from that … I did enjoy the romantic parts. I did laugh at how both families love of Hamza and Joya is going overboard.

    But I am curious as to where this is going. I mean, what’s next? Or should we treat each episode independently… each dealing with one thing and moving on.

    Anyhow, I see the Khala and chacha connecting … that could be fun…

    • I know I am eagerly waiting for Musarrat & Luqman’s story as well, that would be interesting and a good change because a lot of weeks have been dedicated to Joya & Hamza.

      I agree, the entire accusation scene was a bit too pushed. It seems from now on Hamza’s father and grandfather will become possessive about him, as they suggested in the promo. It seems we’ll get to see more of their obsessive behavior.

  • i’m happy with how the story is going, i found today’s episode was just as funny as the rest, i’m just happy that the peer’s word didn’t last the whole year, now that would have been boring, but as long as it keeps me laughing i wouldn’t have minded
    i think Haseena’s mother was just using Hamza’s & Joya’s argument as an excuse for not going for her son’s rishta
    khala’s & chachu’s scene was brilliant too
    thanks for the lovely review

    • Thank you so much Shameem for reading the review & commenting. :) I know right, Hamza finally succeeded but I guess this was Peer’s way of grabbing the money because he knows that during the wedding, the bride & groom get a lot of Salami, so he played his game that way. The conversations are always fun to watch but I did find the accusation scene a bit tedious. :)

  • Thanks for the review Zahra!!! Fari mom in some seances she look big and some she look really petite 😐 this dram name should change to Bewaqoofoon ki Gali
    Or Jangaal gai 😜

    • You’re most welcome Virgo. Yes, I think because a part of the drama was shot after the lockdown, Farah Shah’s appearance changed during those months. The scenes in which she looks lean are shot before the lockdown. LOL, nice name suggestions by the way. ;)

  • Hi Zahra, I absolutely adore this drama and the first few episodes I watched repeatedly because they were so funny but I must admit, since the wedding I am not enjoying it as much. I also noticed Shireens outfit change between her shop and getting home. Normally everything is spot on but I don’t know….the drama doesn’t sit comfortable with me anymore. Like we don’t know where it’s heading? Nani and Dada were a bit OTT during the accusations scene. I feel like so many options could have been explored as newly weds but drama just seems to be lingering now. I thought Luqman chacha’s scenes were good and Khala is always a treat to watch! I also like Tau Hidayat’s character and wish they’d show more of him or maybe his family.

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