Daldal Episode 10-17 Review

Daldal was a highly anticipated drama from the first photos that Zahid Ahmed posted. Although the duo of him and Armeena Rana Khan was doubtful for me at first, let’s just say time does tell! Daldal (English translation: Earthquake) follows the lives of the six members of a poor but honest family, including Shuja and Kamran. Generally, these seven episodes have focused primarily on the lives of these two and the people that revolve around them.

To wrap it up to the present, Shuja has arrived in London after travelling illegally and going through a lot of trouble. The scenes in the containers and during their stay in Iran were raw and emotional, but could be executed better. I think the way the camera was positioned just didn’t do justice to how brilliant these scenes could be. I may be exaggerating it but after taking a co-op course in directing I wish it had been done better.

Meanwhile Saniya and Kamran’s track have come to a bit of a close. They had their nikkah done when Saniya’s father was arrested and her baraat left. Most of that part was really fast but well done, and the scene where her in-laws came back to ask for money was so outrightly disgusting! I’m also not sure why Saniya’s Mother is always excused for being “too sick”.

Kamran, on his own, has found a sturdy job and is receiving success in his work life. It was nice to see that he has become an independent yet considerate individual. He is an epitome of maturity, and I think Muneeb Butt has done his fair share in making this innocent, smart young man come to life. Kamran has grown to become so much like his father and it really is pleasant to see someone who has contrasted a lot from his brother yet still has success in life.

Sakina, ever herself, is one of the two OTT and annoying characters in this drama. If anything, the actress has made me hate her with extreme passion. I just don’t understand her state of mind as to not accepting Saniya as her daughter-in-law. If it was anything, it would have been that Sakina wants her last son to strike gold in terms of wealth (like Shuja did with Hira) but Saniya comes from a good family. Her extent of trying taveez on Saniya and Kamran’s relationship was shocking, but not unexpected as Sakina is shown to do whatever, whenever.

Then we have Shuja. Arriving in London he thought he has already gone through the “hard” time and now the money will just rain over him. I was chiding myself on laughing at some of his reactions, like walking into his new room and the nightly struggle of people on people.

Now to Episode 17, the most recent one that didn’t really progress a lot but still played a significant role. Shuja has come to realize that one job is not going to do anything for him, despite Sakina’s happiness. The way Sakina waited for the half minute to run out so that Hira didn’t get a chance to speak with him was just cruel, but isn’t the worse she has done. In terms of Shuja and Hira this episode was them living in their past together. I thought it all pretty repetitive and not necessary, like we have seen enough of Hira crying over her husband! Now Shuja has a new night job, and it seems bad things are following him everywhere! First is drug dealing boss and now selling drinks, he is in awe and unwilling to perform this jobs but the struggle is real.

Kamran and Saniya are married now, and is it just me or does the actress, Kinza, not look that great with a load of makeup? She is a really pretty girl in almost all the scenes but with a lot of bridal makeup she looked more orange. I skipped through their scene together because we have had enough of Kamran’s vows and know that he will be a GREAT and UNDERSTANDING husband. I hope Hira’s jealousy doesn’t take over and ruin this PERFECT relationship but the way it has been crafted seems to signal otherwise.

And now for the final scene. I am known on reviewit.pk as “kubrafanxo” but I’m not that appreciative of her versatility anymore. Really, there was no background into who Kubra Khan is playing, so I’ll have to wait till next week! In an interview she mentioned her cameo appearance is “blunt and very funny”, and I really hope that she pulls through with it! Kubra playing a comical role is something we all wanted to see in Shadi Mubarak Ho.

To be honest, after seventeen episodes I really don’t know what is left for this drama. I’m kind of glad Kubra was introduced because there is nothing I am looking forward to otherwise!

This is my first review so I’m sorry if it’s a bit choppy or all over the place! Feel free to leave me some constructive feedback and…

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Alishba Malik (aka Kubrafanxo)

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