Daldal Episode 2 Review – Simple Yet Interesting!

Ohkay so, it was quite an interesting episode of Daldal. I like the effortlessness & the simplicity with which the story moved forward in this episode even though it revealed a lot more about the characters but nothing was pushed or forced. I will commend the writer & the director for keeping things simple & realistic because it helps in understanding the characters better!

Even though Hira’s reaction was realistic at what happened at her engagement function but it also showcased how she was more worried about Shuja, his mother & their reactions. It went to show that Hira loves Shuja to such an extreme that she would do anything to please him. Hira obviously had a point & her frustration at her aunts was justified but the way she seemed concerned about Shuja’s behavior showed that in the future, Hira would allow him to walk all over her because she would believe that this is the sacrifice that her love demands from her & she is supposed to do everything to make things work.

I like how every single time it is made even more apparent that Shuja takes it after his mother Sakina & Kamran is like his father Saad. Sakina obviously made a scene & even held Shuja responsible for what she had to go through but it took only one statement from her son to convince her that she should put everything aside & think about the future. So, Shuja obviously likes Hira but since he is so ambitious, he doesn’t mind using Hira for his personal gains. Shuja has seen his mother sacrificing a lot because of her children since Saad was adamant on educating them, therefore in order to pay his mother back for all that she has done, he has come up with this plan that where he is going to get married to Hira taking her as his ticket to London. It was quite amusing how Sakina’s attitude changed with Shaheen & Hira because even she wants Shuja’s dream to materialize & she understands that for it to happen, even she has to curb her differences & accept Hira wholeheartedly.

I enjoyed Kamran & Saniya’s track a lot, like they are the ones who have a positive outlook on life & believe in standing by each other. Saniya obviously insists Kamran that he should send her proposal too but he is being realistic about it as he is still studying & doesn’t have a job. Saniya for the first time got to know about her mother’s standards where she rejected a proposal saying that she would want her daughter to get married to someone who at least owns a house. The way Kamran spoke about Saniya’s father, it did suggest that he makes a living through unlawful means but he made it clear that he would never resort to any such shortcuts because this isn’t something that his father has taught him & since Saniya has promised to wait for him, she understood his perspective too!

So, Shuja has already started brain-feeding Hira about what he wants & expects from her, obviously Hira being madly in love with him thinks Shuja loves her unconditionally too but she will find out about everything after she will get married to him. Shuja is someone who wants things to go his way & since Hira has proved how eager she is to be with him, he has read her enough to know that she will never ever go against his word & she will allow him to boss around her. Even though this was a small situation that was added but I liked it, where everyone in the family came together to hear out Imran’s concerns & to pass their verdict. Imran being a teenager is rebelling against his family & since he sees other guys of his age spending money, he finds it hard to concentrate on his education because he has already started dreaming big to earn money as well. I liked how both Shuja & Kamran came together to guide him & sternly told him that he had to continue with his education because this is what they expect from him.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I liked the way the characters are being etched out. Saad is such a considerate father & a very good human being because he was the only one who could feel Faraz’s concerns & distress & even told his wife to let go of everything. He is like a true elder of the family who understands the intricacies & doesn’t believe in blowing things out of proportion. I enjoyed watching Saad’s scenes because of Sir Abid Ali. Kamran & Saniya’s relationship & even their characters are quite nice too, like they both are pretty much alike, straight forward, without any agendas & truly honest with each other. Shuja is turning out to be quite a dark character & it is sad that Hira is going to suffer because of him. It was quite interesting how Sakina was bossing around her sister Shaheen too, like she knows that Shaheen would do anything to see Hira happy therefore she kept on pushing her to the limit. All the actors are performing brilliantly & I am liking the way the drama has been directed. Daldal definitely has had a great start & I am sure it is going to get better. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Daldal.

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