Dar Khuda Se Episode 3 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dar Khuda Se didn’t really take the story forward but elaborated all that happened in the previous episode. The initial episodes of this drama have surely been dedicated to the circumstances of all the characters & the choices that they have made to reach to this point in their lives. The direction of this drama is to the point & the straight forward execution is definitely making it interesting to watch.

Everyone Has Something Going On:

Shahwez got married to Gul because of his ulterior motives but now he uses her age as an excuse to continue with his wrongdoings. It is like in this entire equation, Shahwez sees himself as a victim that is why he continues to do what his heart desires because he just feels unhappy with the fact that he is married to a woman older to him. Even though Shahwez already is at an unhappy place in this marriage, the reminders that Gul gives to him about this entire business belonging to her & her son also makes it obvious that this is another reason why Shahwez does all that he do, it is like he is unable to see all the comforts & luxuries he has in his life because of Gul but just makes an issue out of the fact that she hurts his ego & uses it as an excuse!

Afreen left the job which bothered Shahwez a lot & even though he tried to contact her, Afreen made sure to not let that happen. Junaid respects Afreen & because he has seen the kind of girl she is, he suggested his wife to meet Afreen & see if she’d like Afreen to get married to her brother. Junaid knows that Afreen is getting harassed at the hands of Shahwez & a girl like her doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, therefore he thought it would kind of help Afreen if she gets married.

Tamkeen has her own issues, slowly & steadily inferiority complexes are creeping in her mind & heart. Tamkeen keeps on comparing herself to Afreen & she feels useless plus Tamkeen wants to get out of this house as soon as possible, that is why she has started to develop interest in the sabzi wala. Tamkeen is just eager for a change in her life & she feels marriage is the only way out that is why she makes an issue about the fact that her parents aren’t considerate about her!

Azhar tried to persuade Afreen to continue her job but when he saw that she had made up her mind & their father has clearly told him that he won’t allow him to get married at least before Afreen, Azhar decided to go ahead with the court marriage. Shehla’s mother is an opportunist & she has given Shehla a full edge to do what it takes to secure her place in Azhar’s life. Things will obviously get more complicated in the episodes to come & Shehla will only give Azhar’s family a hard time!

Closing Thoughts – Imran Abbas Steals The Show:

Overall, this episode of Dar Khuda Se was decent but didn’t offer much. As the scenarios will unfold, the drama will become more interesting. The acting of all the actors is really good but Imran Abbas steals the show with his perfect portrayal of a negative character like Shahwez. It is so good that Imran Abbas has decided to challenge himself with a character like this, it was much needed & it is nice to see that he has this kind of acting in him! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dar Khuda Se.

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