Dar Khuda Se Episode 4 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Decent Watch:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dar Khuda Se was decent. The pace of this drama has been a bit on the slower side but the good thing is that every other episode has something new to offer which takes the story forward. Dar Khuda Se has turned out to be a good watch so far & I hope it stays that way in the future episodes too.

Afreen’s Siblings Are Selfish:

This episode of Dar Khuda Se focused on Afreen’s side of the story, mostly the selfish decisions her siblings were making without even caring about the consequences that they or their family might have to face.

Azhar landed himself in deep trouble & he couldn’t think straight because Shehla & her mother made sure to pressurize him in such a manner that he could not back out or second guess his decision. Shehla’s mother always wanted Shehla to get married to Azhar that is why the moment he proposed, she knew she had to do everything in her might to make that happen. Shehla’s mother knew she was taking the wrong approach but because she is a conniving person, she did not actually want to make it obvious to Azhar that she had accepted this proposal even before he had proposed. Shehla’s mother trapped Azhar & manipulated him into getting married as soon as possible because she knew that if he’d do some more thinking, he might as well back out & that was something that she did not want!

Tamkeen had started to enjoy the attention that she was getting from Rasheed. Tamkeen is desperate for attention, care & love but the sad thing is, she is letting this desperation get the better of her & that is why she entertaining undue attention. Tamkeen found Rasheed’s opinion about her flattering that is why she continued to have long conversations with him. Tamkeen is desperate & doesn’t have much of an exposure, that is why the things she say to Afreen are always uncivil & disrespectful. Tamkeen can not even fathom the idea that Afreen goes to work & despite being in contact with males in her office, she hasn’t found her love interest. Tamkeen actually thinks Afreen is like her but Afreen is not selfish & she is always mindful of the fact that she is earning to support her family. Despite being concerned about the fact that Afreen must have been hurt by Azhar’s accusations, Tamkeen continues to try finding out the reason that could justify what Azhar had said about Afreen.

Junaid & his wife came to meet Afreen’s family & the wife was pretty impressed with Afreen but then Azhar once again showed how selfish he is because he came along just when Afreen’s proposal was being put forth. Azhar himself wasn’t ready for this because he only wanted to get married to Shehla to secure her position but her mother had different plans & she forced Azhar to take Shehla with him. Once again, Afreen’s sibling proved that he is selfish & that he just didn’t care about his sisters.

Closing Thoughts – Going To Get Interesting:

This episode of Dar Khuda Se was good & it seems that the story is going to become more interesting. It sure is a drama based on a simple story & struggles of regular people but it definitely is being told in a decent manner. All the actors are doing a wonderful job. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dar Khuda Se.

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