Deedan Episode 17 Story Review – Disgusting

Opening Thoughts – Poorly Written Drama:

Ohkay so, the story of Deedan leaves me disgusted. There was a time that I tuned to it all hopeful that things might start working & the story might kick-start but I was left disappointed every single time. I still am unable to wrap my head around the fact that so much effort was put into making ‘THIS’ kind of drama? Like really?

Marital Rape of a Habitual Runaway Bride: 

Palwasha has totally understood the kind of guy Alam Zeb is & she even tried to teach him a lesson by leaving but then to see her apologizing to him only because she was pressured by her parents was off-putting. Yes, she could not make her parents understand as they have that kind of mindset where in a marriage, a husband can never be wrong & a wife has to do what it takes to make the marriage work but I guess it was Palwasha’s duty to inform them about all that Alam Zeb puts her through for them to understand or even realize that Alam Zeb was shady. Also, what did Palwasha actually do after going back? Yes, she did get to meet Resham but apart from that, she just showed off her straightened hair, her fancy shawls & her high heels where made me cringe so bad because that was one inappropriate footwear to carry in a hill station but they actually did suggest that Palwasha packed that impractical footwear in & took it with her when she left in haste? Lol! So many episodes have passed & there’s not even a single scenario that must have made me feel that this character or entire track was useful in this drama!

Resham finally found hope because she got to know that Zardab was alive. To be honest this entire exercise of Resham running away with Zardab & then getting captured back again & again is very amusing. I must say even though Resham has seen the worst but the zest that she has to spend her life with Zardab is amusingly commendable. All things aside, what they showed in this episode of Deedan was disgusting. Marital rape is not something to show just so casually but I am actually shocked to see that the writer had nothing positive for Resham therefore she made her go through this too? Gulbaz said he couldn’t stand Resham & that he wanted her to die but to see him backing out of his word was disgusting. It is actually quite upsetting that the writer has picked 2 female characters & she is scrutinizing them to no end, by showing them being destroyed & toyed around just so casually. Like I fail to believe that the writer actually didn’t have any other idea or story in her mind that she actually came up with this crap where she has shown hooligan men toying with their women & treating them with absolute worst? Really? Aliya Dawood couldn’t think of anything else? Shocking & disgusting. It is so obvious that Resham will now fall pregnant & then we’ll see where she’ll run off to again? Because this is what she is born to do. Sickening.

Closing Thoughts – Nonsensical:

The amount of screaming that happens in this drama is enough to deafen healthy ear-drums. Also, it is too obvious that the actors focused more on their looks & makeup in stead of the story or acting, they all look like bunch of caricatures that they actually make me laugh.  Honestly speaking, to see such an empowered & independent actor like Sanam Saeed settling for a script like this leaves a bad taste. It is good to see our actresses being so vocal about women rights & empowerment, so it would be good to see them leading by example too by saying no to such kind of disgusting scripts which show that women have zero control over their lives. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Deedan.

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