Khud Parast Episode 20 Story Review – Simply Superb

Opening Thoughts – Calm Before & After The Storm:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast had this calm vibe to it, it was more like a calm before as well as after the storm. Everyone was picking up the pieces & no one was unsure of what the future had in store for them. It is commendable how the writer has kept the story of Khud Parast realistic & relevant so far. This episode definitely marked the beginning of Uswa’s downfall & unfortunately, she will now find herself getting pulled into the misfortune that she has called upon herself.

Everyone Was Picking Up The Pieces:

I love Maria’s character because she is the voice of reason in Uswa’s life. Maria is someone who does not beat around the bush, she doesn’t believe in pacifying Uswa or sugar-coating whatever she wants to tell her. Maria knows her sister Uswa in & out that is why without even hearing it from Uswa, she clearly had an idea about what she must have done. Sadly, Maria can only try to knock sense into Uswa’s head but she knows that Uswa is the kind of person who will not listen to her or anyone for that matter because she will only do what she deems right. Uswa is selfish & that is why even though she has caused so much of damage, she is unable to see the gravity of the situation. However, for the first time it did seem like Maria’s word gave her a reality check & kind of forced her to realize her mistake but then again Uswa shut all those thoughts that were lingering in her mind & immediately distracted herself.

Zarina can’t get over everything that Uswa has done, that is why she has even started dreaming about what her future would be like – which by the way was a superbly directed sequence. Uswa has no idea how her life is going to unfold but yes, it won’t be pleasant or rewarding in any way imaginable. Sadia & Zoha had their own issues which they tried to sort but then again, they both have drifted apart so much that they will never come to a common ground. The only thing common left between them is the hatred they have towards Zarina & Uswa that is why they still can relate to each other on that aspect.

Hanan’s Pupho continued to take care of both Beenish & Hanan. She knows that they both are emotionally & mentally shattered therefore she continuously did their counselling because she knows this is what they want the most. Hanan & Beenish definitely have become comfortable at Pupho’s place but the fact that they both are living under the same roof is still like an emotional burden but then like Pupho said, she can testify if someone will ever ask for an explanation so they should stop worrying & focus on their future.

So, Uswa unfortunately lost the baby that Hanan was still excited about. Hanan felt he couldn’t cope up with all this anymore, it was like in these dark times, the idea of having a baby was like the light at the end of the tunnel for Hanan but that hope is gone now too. His reaction was believable & indeed it was hard for him to just accept this reality. Uswa continued to be cold-hearted like she usually is & she didn’t bother much about the miscarriage. I really want to see Uswa’s reaction when she will eventually start realizing all the things & blessings she has lost over the period of time. I want to see how she will feel broken? Maria finally knows about Adeel & his past but it seems even she won’t be able to stop Uswa from ruining her life further because Adeel has weaved this trap around Uswa just so carefully that she would completely ignore her sister Maria because this is what she has been doing all her life.

Closing Thoughts – Well Directed Drama:

Overall, this episode was slow but done just right & it was necessary to slow things down to build up for the rest of the happenings that are left to be shown. The direction of Khud Parast continues to be amazing & I just love the dialogues of this drama, they are insightful & carry so much of depth & meaning – just amazing. All the actors have done a fabulous work in this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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