Deedan Episode 22 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Bad Bad Drama:

Ohkay so, it is a known fact by now that the story of Deedan is bad & the direction is even worse. Unfortunately, I have invested quite a lot of time in this drama, that is why I have continued to watch it this far & honestly speaking, every single week when I think that they can’t stoop any low, they surprise me by crossing one limit after another & it just baffles me that a renowned actress like Sanam Saeed chose to work in this drama!

Extra Marital Affair:

Resham has once again eloped with Zardab & since then, she has stayed safe with the help of Sara & Palwasha. First Sara was the one who provided shelter to both Resham & Zardab & now it is Palwasha who with the help of her loser husband brought Resham to her house.

The most sickening aspect of this story is that a married pregnant woman is having an extra marital affair & everyone seems to support her. Yes, she is the victim in this entire scenario but the fact remains that she is still legally married to Gulbaz. If Resham or anyone had filed for divorce straight away then it would’ve still seemed justified that she is involved with Zardab but it is disgusting to see that no one is even bothered about this issue. Resham hates that she got pregnant & she sees this child as her enemy because Zardab doubted her character & questioned her intentions because of this child. This is yet another gruesome scenario of this drama where an unborn child who is completely innocent already has so much of a baggage attached to it because his/her mother is in love with a man who has proved to be a good-for-nothing so far.

So far, Zardab has only eloped with Resham what, thrice? & he has only spoken of his love but he has done nothing to prove it. I am amazed that till now, no one has decided to hire a lawyer to get Resham a divorce from Gulbaz so that she can start a normal life with Zardab? The writer has really tried to evoke sympathy for Resham but for now, that seems to be out of question. Yes, Zardab did save her life but right now, all these people like Sara & even Palwasha have done nothing to turn Resham’s life in a different direction where she can stop living in fear.

To be honest, as much as they are trying to show Palwasha as another victim trapped in a crappy marriage, the entire sympathy goes out of the picture when I see her falling for Alam Zeb’s lies time & again. It is actually quite amusing that despite being an independent working woman, Palwasha lets Alam Zeb fool her & exploit her to no end. Palwasha has made up her mind that she doesn’t love Alam Zeb anymore but the fact that she gave him a chance thinking he let Resham stay with them because he loved Palwasha had to be the most stupid thing ever.

Closing Thoughts – What’s The Purpose?

So many episodes have gone by, but I still do not understand the purpose of this drama, this story? There are two women, in totally different setting that are similarly being exploited & mistreated? So? I still find it disgusting how they have glorified an extra marital affair & have shown the guilty as some superwoman who is fighting to be with the love of her life? Who by the way is also not such an ideal personality. I must say the guy playing the role of Alam Zeb is annoying to the core & his hideous shirts & that fake forced accent do not help either. This drama seems like a joke to me & it has seriously forced me to think that Sanam Saeed has lately started to sign such dramas which guarantee her paid travelling – first Dil Banjara which was another flop drama & now Deedan? Seriously? It is unfortunate how the direction of this drama is just so so so bad. Those random Pashto dialogues out of nowhere, trying to reinforce that they all are Pukhtoons is such a bad attempt. It is another disappointing & unforgivable aspect that they have literally made a joke out of Pukhtoon culture & Pukhtoon people. This is not justified. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Deedan.

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