Deedan Episode 5 Story Review – Nothing New To Offer

Opening Thoughts – Nothing New:

Ohkay so, this episode of Deedan didn’t have anything new to offer. No matter how elaborate the cast is or how amazing the locations are, a drama needs a strong storyline to work & click with the audience which definitely is the main factor missing in Deedan. I will continue to give this drama a try in a hope that it will pick up a pace & have a lot more to offer.

Resham is Mentally & Emotionally Free:

Resham has become more like a captive after her marriage to Shehbaz Khan but Resham is relieved as she has found a roof over her head away from the shadow of her father who she hasn’t really forgiven till date. Resham’s parents in law only treat her as a house maid & she’s nothing more than that for them.

Shehbaz Khan passed away & it was too obvious that it had no effect on Resham because she was not at all emotionally attached to him. For Resham, Shehbaz Khan was a liability & now she was emotionally & mentally free. It does look like Gulbaz Khan might consider getting married to Resham because he couldn’t help noticing her which means she is not as free as she thinks she is.

Zardab came back only for Resham & his mother wasn’t happy at all. Palwasha & Alam Zeb’s track took a different turn. Aalam Zeb seemed a little too keen on the fact that Palwasha should do some job & earn some money. Palwasha also got convinced but it looks like the destiny had something else in store for her. It is obvious that Palwasha’s pictures will be a big hit with the client that the photograper clicked them for & it will open anoher domain for Palwasha. I really want things to work out between Aalam Zeb & Palwasha without him exploiting his wife in any way.

Closing Thoughts – Things Should Change: 

Overall, this episode of Deedan didn’t have anything special to offer. I totally believe that things should move forward now & the story should show something substantial if it has any depth. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Deedan.

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