Deedan Episode 6 & 7 Story Review – Disappointing

Opening Thoughts – Disappointing:

Ohkay so, the story of Deedan so far has been nothing short of a disappointment because watching Deedan is like watching stereotypical characters that have absolutely nothing new to offer. The writer has tried to create something but the final product has miserably failed to deliver!

Gulbaz & Resham – The New Couple:

Gulbaz has his sights on Resham but he was too afraid to say a word about it. That entire scenario where Resham opened the door without her veil that too with her golden locks on the loose was absolutely unconvincing because in an environment where Resham lives, it was unrealistic for her to casually open the door in that condition plus her friend Palwasha is in Karachi so she also wasn’t expecting a female at her door either? That scene was basically a perfect example of dramatic-situation-gone-wrong. Gulbaz obviously has started liking Resham & that is why he spoke to Shafiullah subliminally about the wedding without making it too obvious that he intended to marry Resham himself!

Gul Makai is keen on keeping Resham with her that is why she herself suggested Gulbaz to marry Resham. Gul Makai obviously has her reasons & Gulbaz is in a win win situation because he has gotten a green signal from Shafiullah as well as Gul Makai, his first wife. Resham obviously refuses to accept this decision of Gul Makai but then she isn’t left with a chance since her own father has made it very clear that he has nothing to do with her anymore!

The conversations between Zardab & his brother are monotonous & repetitive. It is like they have nothing else to talk about other than Resham. Both the brothers are in dire need of a life! Also, since Resham was never happy with Shehbaz & a considerable amount of time has passed after his death, then what is it that is stopping Resham from being with Zardab? They have shown Resham as an opinionated individual who has been forced to make her own decisions since Shafiullah has pretty much estranged her, then what is she waiting for?

Oh well, Palwasha is pretty & Alam Zeb is shady. He is getting way too comfortable with Palwasha’s earnings but then as far as they both have a mutual understanding, trust & respect for each other then it is good. So far Alam Zeb has definitely presented himself as a supportive & understanding husband who is ready to be there for his wife without questioning her choices, so it is good but let’s see if their track will remain just as smooth as is it now. Also, the sudden shift & change in Palwasha’s overall styling was unconvincing too considering the kind of locality she lives in. It didn’t seem realistic enough that she groomed herself so much in such a short span of time that too without anyone’s guidance!

Closing Thoughts – Weak Storyline:

I can definitely give Deedan a perfect score for locations, camera work, direction & the actors’ special attention on delivering the accurate accent but when it comes to the story & the characters, Deedan has had absolutely nothing new to offer so far. I am not too sure if there’s something special in store for the viewers & I am just wondering what were those factors that convinced such an intelligent starcast to work in this project which has such a weak storyline? Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Deedan.

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