Khud Parast Episode 8 Story Review – Interesting So Far

Opening Thoughts – Interesting So Far:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast took the story forward convincingly. So far Khud Parast has had an interesting story as well as the characters that might seem one dimensional at times but do have some level of depth & a few shades in them too!

Uswa Getting Some Reality Checks:

For the first time, Uswa got to know why Beenish puts up with everything that Bakhtawar throws at her. Beenish has nowhere to go that is why she has silently accepted everything as her fate such as an abusive distant husband & a controlling mother in law. Beenish she knows that she can not change things in her favor so the least she can do is accept the fraction of good there is & ignore all that is wrong. Beenish has always tried to make Uswa realize & understand how she can make things work too but Uswa being someone who can not settle for abuses just can not relate to Beenish or even understand her, which is understandable.

Uswa could have handled the entire scenario a bit tactfully but she chose to take things a bit too far. In this entire situation, Uswa knew that Hanan was upset so she could’ve tried to make him understand her point of view which she did but in a tone that wasn’t right. So far Uswa has understood that Bakhatwar has a complete control over her sons so even if she wanted to make Hanan realize about the wrongdoings of his mother, she should have done it a bit politely.

Hanan & Uswa aren’t on the same page right from the beginning but they both have definitely tried. In this case Hanan obviously expects Uswa to do the heavy lifting which she does but at times she loses her cool as all this is suffocating for her too. Well, Uswa left Hanan’s house by waging a war against his mother but she will slowly realize that she is not totally free or independent to make such a decision. Soon enough Uswa will find herself in the same position as Beenish – helpless & hopeless with nowhere to go!

Uswa’s brother Saad did say that he will do something about the rift between Uswa & Hanan but his wife persuaded him to collaborate with Moeez in order to save his business. Saad & Moeez did make a deal but then Moeez used his wealth to pressurize Uswa to come back & apologize to Bakhtawar for everything that she said. In this scenario, the writer has once again tried to show Bakhtawar’s side of the people as manipulative & conniving but then Uswa’s family is not a family of saints either. They forced Uswa into this marriage because they were too impressed with the family wealth of Hanan so if his family is now using the same wealth to bring Uswa back, then they are not totally wrong either!

Everything that Maria said to Uswa was basically a wise advice where she showed her the bigger picture of what her future will be like if she continues to live in the house that belongs to her brothers. At first Maria did seem shallow & immature but every time she has had a conversation with Uswa, she has proved to be a wise person who is far-sighted & understands these intricacies a lot better than Uswa!

Closing Thoughts – Promising Preview:

Overall, this episode or Khud Parast was interesting but the preview of the next episode seemed a lot more engaging too. Uswa will obviously come back but I am interested to see if she will now start playing mind games with Bakhtawar to make her let go of the hold she has on Hanan? It will definitely become more interesting if Uswa will tackle this entire situation a bit more tactfully. Also, I so wish they had kept a little control on the amount of domestic violence that was shown in this episode, it definitely was disturbing. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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