Deedan Episode 9 Story Review – Disappointing

Opening Thoughts – Joke Or What?

Ohkay so, as much as I want this drama to work, Deedan is turning into a bigger joke week by week. I always tune to it expecting something good out of it but it always disappoints. I still am unable to wrap my head around the fact that the entire cast & crew could come together to make this kind of drama which is poorly written & badly executed.


Resham got married to Gulbaz & to see him romancing with her was cringe x infinity. The way Resham laughed when Gulbaz got hurt due to the earthquake was ridiculous. The way the characters have been designed makes it hard for me to feel anything for them. At this point, in stead of looking like normal people with some personality all of the characters are looking like caricatures. Resham pleads in front of her father, threatens like its nobody’s business but the next moment goes back to Gulbaz’s Khan to do all that she refused to in front of her father! What a strong woman wow! They are obviously showing that circumstances are turning a strong woman into a bechari but I don’t buy. Also, the writer has tried to give us a love story with a lot of twists & turns but it is not making an impact & is falling flat. The way Resham rebukes Zardab & the way Zardab confesses his love to her has become boring & monotonous now as there is absolutely no chemistry between them & it seems like a failed love affair between two weak individuals!

Zardab’s brother’s whining in front of his mother like a toddler suffering from terrible two was again ridiculous. He always supported Zardab but now suddenly flipped but oh I guess he was against Zardab’s feelings for Resham ever since she got married but then their conversations were just so boring that I never felt like paying heed. So yes, Zardab’s brother was now tired of chasing after Zardab, I mean zahir si baat hai because they are past the age of pakran pakrai!

Palwasha & Aalam Zeb’s track is so boring, bland & just so poorly done that I am unable to figure out its connection with the entire story. All there is to it is that Palwasha was once Resham’s friend & they have gone separate ways so? Aalam Zeb is obviously very cunning & Palwasha is the queen of naivety so? Whatelse? I am not sure where did the writer’s creativity go while writing down this track because there’s absolutely nothing new in it. Also, it seems Aalam Zeb is saving money for their own house because of which he didn’t let Palwasha help her friend Razia but on the other hand, they are living in such a huge villa that too on rent? RIP Bank Balance as well as Logic!!!

Closing Thoughts – Flop:

To be honest, I don’t think this drama is going to change or do better but I will give a couple of episodes a go & see if I want to continue watching it because so far it has only disappointed & hasn’t done anything else. It won’t be wrong to say that Deedan is a flop so far. Please share your thoughts about this hideous episode of Deedan.

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