Khud Parast Episode 10 Story Review – Strong Storyline

Opening Thoughts – Depth & Detailing:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was again well-executed & interesting. It is good to see someone standing up for herself in order to save what belongs to her. Even though there is a lot of plotting & scheming involved but the story of Khud Parast shows that one must not give up especially when they know that the oppressors are wrong. I enjoy dramas like Khud Parast which give me so much to talk about. The writer surely has added a lot of depth & detailing in characters as well as situations which make it a good watch.

Unfair & Unjust Rules:

Hanan lived upto his promise & now he is making sure to do what makes Uswa happy. Obviously, being the youngest child, he will always have a different level of affection & connection with his mother which even Uswa should respect but yes, Bakhtawar should also not take advantage of her position in Hanan’s life by disturbing his marital life.

A lot of viewers might see Uswa as wrong but I see her differently because it was Bakhtawar who pushed Uswa to this limit where she lost respect that she had for Bakhtawar as Hanan’s mother. Right from the beginning, Bakhtawar had an issue with Uswa being opinionated & strong-willed. Bakhtawar tried to turn Uswa into another Beenish & Hanan into another Moeez but when that didn’t happen, she couldn’t tolerate it. In my opinion, it was Bakhtawar who started all this by brain feeding Hanan against Uswa which resulted in him hitting her, so I find Uswa justified in going to such extreme where she is mistreating Bakhtawar while trying to save her marriage. Uswa didn’t leave Hanan even after how he abused her, so it does mean that she wants to make this marriage work.

Bakhtawar has not even respected Beenish for doing everything that she says & she still looks for a chance to rile Moeez up against Beenish so it did sound a little ironic when Bakhtawar gave Beenish’s example to Uswa. If Bakhtawar had at least respected Beenish for what she has become & what she puts up with, it would’ve made a different impact on Uswa but now she has seen that no matter what Beenish does, it still is not enough for her to be respected & treated as a normal family member.

Beenish got to speak to one of Moeez’s girlfriends but then again, it made no difference & it will make no difference because Moeez has made it clear to Beenish that she means nothing to him. All Beenish has to do is accept all of it because she knows she can not change anything.

Maria makes a lot of sense & she didn’t even hold back in letting her mother know that everything that Uswa was doing especially the way she was lying in the name of saving her marriage was wrong. Obviously, her mother didn’t pay heed to what Maria was saying but her concerns are valid.

Hanan has actually changed & that is what is giving Uswa a lot more reason to stand tall in front of Bakhtawar. Their face off’s are always well-worded & well-executed. I really don’t agree with what Bakhtawar says about the foundation of her household & the importance of her values because of all that is based on disparity & injustice. Bakhtwar has different rules for her sons & completely different rules for her daughters in law so it is amusing that she expects everyone to abide by those rules which do not serve any purpose other than pleasing Bakhtawar!

Closing Thoughts – Powerful Direction & Acting:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was interesting to watch. The direction & acting in this drama is brilliant which is what makes it worthwhile. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode & the rest of the story. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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