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Deewana – Episode 19 & 20!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Deewana were comparatively slow & didn’t offer much in regards to the development of the story. I really hope they don’t take things slow from now on & don’t compromise on the pace because such stories need to move on at a certain pace to keep the interest of the viewers alive. For the first time, I actually felt that the episodes were not ending & found a lot of scenes a bit too stretched & boring.

Falak & Mehru stayed in Lahore for a week but I don’t really understand why because they didn’t have any reason to be there for so long. Mehru gave Haris the answer he never expected & then Falak gave her some amazing memories to cherish for the rest of her life, so after that they should’ve returned because they are mature enough to know that their families must be worrying sick for them.

Shama has started to feel something odd about Falak & his entire family, also the sudden arrival of Shams left her bewildered but her mind was already pre-occupied with the thoughts about Mehru that she didn’t question him much. Husn Ara was just as clueless as Shama was but all she could advice Shama was to be patient. I somehow feel a lot more for Husn Ara because she is not only worried about Falak but she is concerned about Mehru too as she knows the reality of her son, she also knows that Agha could harm Falak & also, she knows how inappropriate it is for Falak to be with Mehru because he can develop feelings for Mehru which most certainly shouldn’t happen. Shama being a mother of Mehru obviously suffers a lot but being oblivious of Falak’s reality actually is a blessing in disguise for her, whereas when it comes to Husn Ara, that’s not the case as she has so much more to be afraid of.

Amtul & Tabrez went ahead with Haris’s wedding because Mehru’s arrival actually came as a shock to them too & they wanted to take some immediate measures that would close the doors of any reconciliation between Mehru & Haris. When I saw Amtul feeding negativity in Haris’s mind once again, I actually felt sorry for her because I felt that it was the only purpose of her life & it actually is sad to see someone so purposeless & blind. I actually liked the way Shama spoke to Amtul, it was a confidence that she gained after she learned about the fact that Mehru slapped Haris. It was actually good to see the sense of pride in Shama for the first time because what Mehru not only served as a closure to her but it empowered her mother emotionally too. Shama has always held her head high but for the first time, her words were backed by a strong stand that her daughter took for herself & for her entire family. Mehru decided to restore her dignity & pride but indirectly, it uplifted the morale of her mother too, which once again made me feel that Mehru was stronger than she actually thinks of herself to be.

I am not sure what was Shabnam trying to achieve when she called Kashaf. Yes, Shabnam did want Gaiti to get married to Haris but she knows that Gaiti was never into him & she already has started having feelings for Falak more, so Shabnam’s call to Kashaf seemed unjustified, however, the reaction of Kashaf that followed seemed justified because she had just learned that Haris was already married to his cousin & he had been lying to her all this while. Haris ran away because he was humiliated once again but unfortunately, this is what he deserves – getting insulted time & again by everyone around him because he lacks a backbone & also it was a karma that came back & bit him.

Falak & Mehru came back & got the welcome they both actually deserved for being missing for quite a considerable amount of time. Shama & Husn Ara’s reactions were justified & expected but what actually came as a shock was Mehru’s reaction to just a simple question that Husn Ara was entitled to ask. Falak’s presence in Mehru’s life has affected her more than Falak himself realizes, that is why Husn Ara straight away blamed him for what Mehru was going through. I am sure this is the time when Falak will realize how much he loves Mehru as he won’t be able to see her in pain.

Overall, these two episodes were strictly alright because they didn’t really offer much because where a few scenes seemed a bit repetitive, other few seemed stretched & never-ending. Anyways, the preview of the next episode actually looks exciting, looks like things will get complicated for Mehru & Falak & may be it will bring them closer to each other as well. Like always, the acting of all the actors was amazing in these episodes too & so was the direction, the only thing that put me off was the slow pace but I am sure things are about to get interesting in the episodes to come. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Deewana.

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