Deewana – Episode 25 & 26!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking I am a little disappointed with the pace of this drama now & that too at such an extent that I couldn’t watch these episodes in one go & had to take multiple breaks as it couldn’t capture my interest at all. I really like the characters & also the story but the way the director has slowed the pace down, it is taking away all the interest that I used to have where I would wait for this drama every single week. I really hope they start wrapping this drama up because I am dreading seeing slow episodes every time now!

Haris has told Amtul & Tabrez about his plan of going to Shama & helping her out in filing a case against them as Haris knows Amtul & Tabrez can go to any extent to save themselves & that is why, he is making the most of it. Amtul & Tabrez never saw this coming that is why Haris’s announcement not only came as an unpleasant surprise to them but served as a shocker too. Haris wants money & he is making sure he makes Amtul & Tabrez pay for what they have done which is exactly what they should do for ruining his life & treating him as a puppet. However, I do feel that everything has taken a toll on Haris’s mental & emotional state so I am not sure if he is doing it after a well-thought plan or he is just going after them without any full-fledged plan in his mind, because at times it did look like he wasn’t in his best state of mind & was quite badly disturbed, so not sure if he will be able to stay on his grounds & yes, Haris’s disturbed emotional state did seem realistic as anyone living with Amtul & Tabrez would lose their minds!

I really dislike the characters of Shama & Subhan as parents because what they are doing to Mehru is worse than what Haris, Amtul & Tabrez did. They don’t trust her & they don’t love her enough to wipe her tears, Subhan was ready to kill her & now after finding out that Mehru is in love with Falak, Shama wants her to go back to Haris. Yes, I don’t expect Shama to support Mehru completely when it comes to her feelings for Falak any mother would never want her daughter to get divorced but what she shouldn’t do is call Haris back even after knowing what he has done to Mehru & expect Mehru to go back to Haris because if there’s someone who has seen Mehru suffer is Shama herself. Shama hated Tabrez’s family & blamed Subhan for everything so how can she expect that Haris must’ve changed & he will now accept Mehru & give her the rights of being his wife? Shama’s idea of drifting Falak & Mehru apart using Haris is actually ridiculous, because it’s like she is pushing her daughter her in a hell hole willingly.

Gaiti is after Shabnam that she should go & put forth the proposal of Falak & Gaiti’s wedding in front of Husn Ara. Gaiti has been rejected a lot of times, that is why she is not after Shanbam to do what she wants as she won’t listen to her mother again in the matters concerning her marriage. I feel Shabnam is still a better mother than Shama as at least she understands & hasn’t kept herself oblivious of daughter’s sufferings, because if we look at Shama, it’s like she herself wants her daughter to suffer as a revenge of her son’s death.

There was no progress in the Falak Mehru track this week. They both know they love each other but what’s next? Mehru definitely has asked for a divorce but she never knew that her mother will also become one of the obstacles for her. I hope Falak helps Mehru in getting rid of Haris. Yes, the preview of the next week’s episode did seem interesting so I am looking forward to it for sure. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Deewana.

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