Deewana Episode 29 & 30 – Slow & Repetitive!

Ohkay so, this week’s episodes of Deewana failed to keep my interest alive because everything that happened seemed quite repetitive. It seems that the story is on the loop & there’s not even an inch of a progress that is being made. I really think that they should move the story forward if they are still not in a mood to wrap the drama up. At least some progress will let the viewers enjoy the drama without looking forward to the ending already.

I really think the story loses the grip & the drama loses its charm when the side characters come to the foreground & the main characters are pushed to the background & this is exactly what has been happening in Deewana from the last few weeks. For me, Shama & Subhan are the side characters too & now I am at such a point where I don’t feel much for them because the both spread so much of negativity & give such negative vibes that I don’t relate to their suffering anymore. Yes, at times Shama’s rants can be understood but Subhan has become a burden to watch. Subhan’s heart attack was another negative thing that happened but it looked like Mehru didn’t feel much about it because she was engrossed in her own thoughts too.

I liked that Mehru took a stand for herself once again & told her mother that if she wanted Mehru to forget Falak, then she will have to give up on the thought of seeing Mehru & Haris together too. I like Mehru for the fact that she has been through a lot & after that, she has not only snatched a glimmer of hope for herself, but she has also made her mind clear about the things, people & relationships that she wants in her life, which is why she has firmly told her mother that she can kiss the idea of seeing Mehru & Haris together good bye.

I don’t really understand what does Shama want now? She is not allowing Falak & Mehru to be together & even after Mehru has clearly told her how she will never accept Haris back in her life, she is still bent on making things right between them, but she is not budging, in a sense that she doesn’t plan to be on talking terms with Amtul, then how is she going to fix everything? It’s like Shama doesn’t want Mehru to move on in her life & she still wants Mehru to suffer as much as she can because she fell for a loser like Haris.

I did enjoy watching Gaiti & Shabnam’s scenes a lot but I feel they are getting way more coverage than required. Falak has point blank refused to associate with Gaiti & now it looks like she is planning on taking a revenge from Mehru by trying to be friends with her so that she can get all her secrets & then use them against her. Shabnam on the other hand is a bit too focused on getting Gaiti & Haris married, so much so that she can’t see what sort of a person Amtul is & what sort of a loser Haris is. I thought that Haris had pretty much made up his mind that he will now make Amtul suffer & he will mooch money off her as he knows that she is blinded by her urge of revenge, so why was he seen all confused by the end of the episode? When he has made up his mind then he should stick to the plan & do what he deems right.

Falak has taken the back seat & there isn’t much happening related to him. I think it’s about time that his reality should be exposed on everyone around so that we get to see what Mehru’s reaction & decision would be.

Overall, these two episodes seemed a bit haphazard & didn’t take the story forward at all. I am actually getting tired of Shama’s repetitive rants & the coverage that Shabnam & Gaiti are getting because it has nothing to do with the main story & they are just the fillers who are being used to drag the drama. I think it’s high time that the director should start wrapping this drama up in the next couple of weeks as we’ve pretty much seen it all & the story is stuck & hasn’t given us what we wanted to see. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Deewana.

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