Dhaani Episode 09 – Interesting Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was a little slow but it was interesting. It was more like a continuity of the scenes from the previous episode because the situations were still revolving around the same issue & that was Dhaani’s proposal. I like the effortlessness in the feel of this drama because it makes things seem quite casual yet enjoyable to watch.

Dhaani & Sameer’s relationship is flourishing. Sameer is finding himself doing things that he has never done before & even he himself never imagined that he would do, like waking up early morning only to see Dhaani. Sameer irks at the mention of Maya especially when someone links her name with his, because for Sameer she is just a friend but everyone around him, including his best friend can see that Maya is in love with him & even their parents aren’t oblivious of Maya’s feelings for him, however, the only person who fails to see that is Sameer himself because he has never felt that way for Maya. Sameer thinks his personal life is separate & there’s no place for Maya in it but his family thinks the opposite. Sameer is still in such a phase where he doesn’t want to come out of his comfort zone, that’s why the way he showed up late for the inaugural ceremony of his & Maya’s project together was a clear depiction of his mindset. Riyasat & Rehan think that this way, they will not only be able to pressurize their kids to step into practical life but will also be able to bring them closer but they are mistaken as Sameer is far more interested in Dhaani than anything or anyone else at this stage!

Dhaani is still not understanding that she is calling for all the trouble on herself. She can fool Bee Jee, she can lie to Raja & she can have all the support of Shaani but she will never be able to convince Kaleem because if he finds out what she is upto, not only his trust on his daughter will shatter, but it will compel him to take a step that Dhaani won’t be able to undo. Dhaani likes being with Sameer & more than that, she seems awestruck at his lifestyle, that is why she is not thinking things through & without even realizing, she is getting a bit too much involved in him. Dhaani’s feelings are coming across a bit more clearly that she has started liking Sameer, but I am still doubtful about Sameer’s feelings for her, like is he actually serious about her or he is just getting to know her because he is fascinated by the idea of how a girl from such a background can be so unique & different.

Kaleem appreciated Amjad’s approach & found him an honest person who was mature enough to admit his mistake & walk an extra mile to rectify the situation too. Everything that Amjad said made him look like a nice & genuine person & it was imperative that Kaleem found his apology heartfelt because this is what Kaleem resonates with the most. Kaleem himself is like Amjad, who believes in honesty & also believes in simplifying the situation, that is why everything that Amjad said was enough for Kaleem to know that he wasn’t lying & he was eager to earn his apology. I have a feeling that may be Kaleem will end up getting Shaani married to Amjad because I feel that Dhaani will retaliate & she won’t accept what her father will choose for her, obviously she won’t say that she is interested in someone but she will spin the situation in her favor. I do feel that Shaani might succumb to the pressures because she is far more simple minded than Dhaani.

Raja is still suffering from a heartache & that is why he was unable to concentrate & do things that he loves. However, I enjoy listening to Raja & his friend’s conversations, they are written nicely & bring in some light-heartedness to the drama. The note at which the episode ended made me feel that Dhaani will fall into some trouble or may be Raja will find out about Sameer, plus honestly speaking, I hope to see something happening at least because it’s time to move things forward & show us what Sameer is made of & what he can or will do if he finds Dhaani in an awkward situation.

Overall, this episode was covered nicely too & I had a great time watching it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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